March 22, 2017

Old Photos

Old black and white photographs were the first ones I remember seeing as a child. My grandmother had these old photo albums with heavy black paper pages. The pages had these little glue on corners that held the photos in place. The covers were highly polished wood, beautifully finished. My relatives looked so very formal as they posed for the camera back then. No one smiled.

Some of the photos shown in the video gave me a pause. At the 2:53 mark there's a picture of American tanks attacking German positions during WWII. My FIL served in an armored unit for the invasion of Nazi Germany; he was eighteen.

At the 3:55 mark there is a picture of a boxing match held on the deck of a supply ship returning American soldiers from France after the end of WWI. My grandfather was a US Navy cook on board several ships that ferried supplies and soldiers to and from France after the end of the Great War.

Towards the end of the video (13:04 mark) you'll see large dinosaur models being moved to the 1964 World's Fair held in Queens, NY. I remember seeing them there; I was fifteen. From our house in Smithtown (Suffolk County) it was about a thirty minute drive to the World's Fair.

The 1964 World Fair towers used in the first MIB movie.


Kid said...

This is what I call 'hard times'.

sig94 said...

Kid - People don't realize just how different and difficult life was not too long ago.

Kid said...

No they don't Sig. Reminds me of a movie titled Hard Times with Charles Bronson as a street fighter. Good movie.