May 21, 2017

NAACP Looking For Revelance

The NAACP realizes that it has lost its mojo.
They will seek a new CEO afer their current President, Cornell W. Brooks, completes his three year term. The NY Post reports:
“We believe as an organization, we need to retool to become better advocates, better at educating the public, better at involving them,” Derrick Johnson, vice chairman of the NAACP board of directors, said in a conference call announcing the change.

Johnson said the group would embark on a national “listening tour” as part of its re-branding. That kind of tour, which is a common strategy among politicians as they seek to gain public support, has never been done in the NAACP’s 108-year history, Johnson said.
Their "listening tour" better pay heed to their 75% illegitimacy race and the fact that although they only comprise 13% of the US population they commit over half the murders in the US. Is it poverty? Racism?  Sociologists are divided and there is no clear verdict, but business as usual means nothing changes. Educating the public does not stop murders and it gives the appearance that NAACP officials are trying to shore up support and perhaps lagging donations.

It's not social problems or financial woes that plague us, it's moral issues.


Kid said...

I think we know all we need to guys.

10% of you have integrated.

The other 90% are somewhere between 10% integrated and the likes of Baltimore, S Chicago, DC, Maryland, Ferguson MO, East LA... I'd say that covers it.

You'd be better served to hammer down on the non-integrated, the non-educators and the politicians that do Jack Nothing for you - mainly the black caucus. A gaggle of self-serving morons.

let me know if I left anything out.

LindaG said...

What Kid said.

Though they will probably end up finishing the destruction of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy by demanding black only areas everywhere.

Kid said...

Linda, Thanks. And very insightful. It would be par for the course and in line with what has happened so far.