May 22, 2017

Terrible News From England

Police now suspect a suicide bomber.
Reports are 19 dead and about 50 wounded.
Please pray for England.


LL said...

Suicide bombing - it's what Muslims seem to enjoy doing. It's almost a cottage industry.

Doom said...

To be honest, it is better that they murder the litter girls than rape them into freaks. Choices? I guess. Those are the results of their choices, not mine. Choices.

sig94 said...

LL - this seems to be a 20th century variant on a 7th century mindset. Did they do this with gunpowder back in the day?

sig94 said...

Doom - I dunno. I have four daughters and neither option is preferable to me.

Doom said...

As things are, it's not an option a, b, or c as none of the above. It's a or b. Now, given that, which? If you HAVE to choose? And, really, that is where it is at. Unless you think even what is printed, what little of the truth of it, is a multiplicative fabrication? You... don't believe those fbi stats you've been compiling, do you? They aren't even putting in the real black on white numbers. Muslim numbers are pure fiction.

The choice is in the hands of people allowing muslims and mexicans who have no care for these things to enter, even now really, in unchecked herds. They say they have stopped arriving, that arrests are down. Maybe true, but if so, it's because they have, again, backed off enforcement.