January 9, 2010

The Frightening World of Harry Reid

Obama is "light-skinned" with no "negro dialect"...?

Harry Reid's mind is full of screams and clanking chains. It's been places that would horrify a normal person. He's almost Dickensian, with his hangman haircut, cess-pool eyes, and hateful stare. He said THIS about Obama in 2008.

Naturally, libs closed ranks around him, even the light-skinned, negro-dialect lacking President, who absolved Reid of any incipient race-consciousness or color classifyin'. This, of course, is more evidence that race, color and identity is the club that liberals use on everyone else.


Anonymous said...

Harry Reid is simply carrying on
proud Democrat Party traditions of Bullying, Threats, Coercion, Bribery and Racism.

George J said...

God help me for coming to the defense of Harry Reid, but I really have to ask - is anything Reid said about Obama not true?

Since when is speaking the truth something that needs to be apologized for?

Rhod said...

The packaging matters, George, and you know it...not the "truth" as you call it.

If it has to be explained in modern PC, both of Reid's comments were statements of VALUE.

Being light-skinned is to beg the question of why that is remarkable in contrast to being dark-skinned.

And NOT speaking in negro dialect, as a value, is to imply the inferiority of negro dialect.

It's not that these qualities CAN'T be objective measurements of Obama's presentation, it's that Reid didn't mean it that way.

Boston police officers don't compare to Harry Reid, which means that the bullshitstorm of liberalism drenches liberals too.

sig94 said...

Earlier this week, Harry Reid was treated for colon blockage. A three pound lump of red clay was successfully removed from his colon.

In a related incident, after receiving information from the Tijuana Police Dept., the Las Vegas chapter of the American Claymation Conservation Society rescued Pokey from a luxury suite at the MGM hotel. A rhinestone studded leather pottery wheel, mixing paddles and several large bottles of musk scented glaze were also turned over to officials.

Anonymous said...

Man, dem 8mm films sure do gets around!


Relax folks! It was not racist, after all he is a Democrat. Condie Rice is a racist, not Harry Reid.

George J said...

"It's not that these qualities CAN'T be objective measurements of Obama's presentation, it's that Reid didn't mean it that way."

And that comes close to the point I was trying to make. They ARE objective assesments of Obama's potential (at that time) of a candidate. It is my contention that only someone who is inherently racist would take them as being racist remarks.

Only people who are so deeply invested in the manipulation of one race against another in order to gain and keep political power would look at Reid's remarks in such a manner.

And that pretty much defines the Democrat Party to a "T".

Either that, or they are just using it as an excuse to throw Harry under the bus!