February 3, 2010

Jews for Obama -- WHY?

I'm not suggesting that Jewish people are exclusively pro-Obama. Some of the most strident opposition to Obama comes from American Jews.  Having said that (sincerely), I am continually SHOCKED at the support Jewish people lavish on Barack Hussein Obama. Obama has shown continual hostility toward the State of Israel and his programs harken back to dark days for Jews. Why would Jewish people support a pro-Muslim/closet Muslim?

Let's look at it from the perspective of a woman who fled Soviet Russia:

The following is reposted from Svetlana Kunin "Perspectives of a Soviet Immigrant" (No. 6) 
(Source: IBD)

As someone who experienced real government-approved anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union, I am amazed by the obliviousness of American Jews, the most fervent supporters of left-wing politics.

They support a party that is obsessed with pitting one group against another, and that incessantly plays on envy and hatred for bankers, rich people, big business and doctors.

They fail to notice that the success of Jews, as well as other minorities, in the sciences, business and arts is directly correlated to their freedom from oppressive, centralized control. American Jews who support big government do not understand what their ancestors escaped from.

Persecutions of Jews throughout history all have one thing in common: a centralized power that manipulates and directs people's anger away from themselves onto an easy target.

No matter how much Jews align themselves with the power structure and work for noble causes, they will remain an easy target.

As they said in the Soviet Union pertaining to Soviet Jews: They don't beat your record; they beat your face — meaning that no matter how much you try to assimilate, no matter how many good deeds you do, the centralized power can direct populist anger toward you and crush you when it suits them.

When the Bolsheviks took power after the 1917 proletarian revolution, their first steps were to take control of the banks and the media.

Of course, it is not fair to compare our current American democratic leaders with the Bolsheviks.

Yes, they both use the same slogans in their speeches.

Yes, they both stir up envy and class warfare to distract from their failures.

Yes, both political movements sought control of the banks as the foundation for their new egalitarian vision.

And yes, they are both opposed to free speech, as was made clear by the reaction of American leftists to the recent Supreme Court decision.

But you would never find a Czar anywhere in the Soviet government.


Opus #6 said...

I was just asking a friend this very question. We are both converts to Judaism, and we have NO IDEA how American Jews can be so stupid as to support Israel-hating politicians.

George J said...

It's not just Obama... Why are such a large percentage of those people who identify themselves as being Jews so dog gone LIBERAL?

George J said...

That's funny, Opus, you don't look Jewish! LOL

Rhod said...

Norman Podhoretz addressed this in "Why Are Jews Liberal" in Commentary mag a couple months ago. You can find it online in several places.

As for Israel, it's not as important to younger Jews as you might think.

Anonymous said...

Barry said he was not a Bolshevik, so he must not be a Bolshevik. He has a very clear record. He is a Bolshevik. M

Anonymous said...

Self-loathing Jews are not that different than self-loathing whites. Personally, I'm an elf-loathing Italian. The little buggers give me the creeps.

LL said...

Nickie - Geppetto and the same problem you had when he made a perfectly good mechanical boy and the elves came into his shop in the night (burglars, you see) and animated him. I think it's the curse of the Italian boot...

However neither Geppetto or Pinnocchio turned into Communists. So from a heritage perspective, you're safe.

In the case of Obama where both mamma and papa were Marxists, the die was cast when he popped out of the womb and saw his shadow. Now he wants to create a permanent winter here for us the way Mao, Kim Il Jung, Castro, Lenin/Stalin and others did for their fair countries. (sort of a spin on Groundhog day, which was yesterday - but the metaphor remains)

Anonymous said...

LL... a metaphor delivered beautifully.