December 5, 2010

Buchanan High School

From IOtW:

It’s a school I’m sure you’ve probably never heard of in a city you may have never heard of. The city’s claim to fame is that it’s “The Gateway to the Sierras”, centrally located in California, population about 95,000. It’s a sleepy little western themed town that’s located right next door to Fresno. Hunting, fishing, sports and antique malls are just some of the ways the folks here past the time away. But it is also known for something else, something more somber.

Buchanan High has the unfortunate ranking of having the most military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, 2001-present, of students from a single high school in California. I was going to write this post in July of 2010, when the number hit 7, but just this past week, the number went up to 8. Eight young men killed in battle, who all happened to attend the same high school at different times, including 2 brothers? I know this school, it’s a good school in a good community.

The news broke on Friday, another valley marine had been killed — this time in Afghanistan. Sergeant Matthew Abbate was killed in action Thursday. Two marines and a chaplain notified the family Thursday night of the tragedy. Abbate’s step father issued a statement Friday saying quote: “He always wanted to be a marine. He died doing what he believed he was born to do.”

There is no secret (and no guarantees either) in bringing up children who are well adjusted, God fearing, patriotic adults. You have to live your life the way you want your children to become. It isn't easy, but love, a true moral sense, consistency and honesty go a long way. The town of Clovis seems to have these qualities in abundance.

They say Clovis is an extraordinarily patriotic community and its children are raised on God and country, duty and honor. They’re willing to serve and willing to die, the same as Clovis’ generations who went before them. Buchanan’s school colors are red, white and blue. The stadium is named Veteran’s Memorial. Former classmates and older siblings come back in uniform for campus visits. Friday night football games include a moment of silence for Buchanan’s fallen soldiers.

Thank you former Buchanan High School students,

Abbate, Matthew, Clovis December 2, 2010
Piercy, Brian F. Clovis July 19, 2010
Eischen, Nicholas D. Clovis December 24, 2007
Hubbard, Nathan C. Clovis August 22, 2007
Hubbard, Jared P. Clovis November 04, 2004
Walter, Rowan D. Clovis February 22, 2007
Butterfield, Anthony E. Clovis July 29, 2006
Baro, Jeremiah A. Fresno November 04, 2004

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Capt. Schmoe said...

I couldn't help but notice the two fallen soldiers with the same last name.

I goggled them, NBC news reports that they were brothers.

My God, how must their family must be suffering.

I can't imagine.

Opus #6 said...

God bless our fallen heroes and their families.

Anonymous said...

We are obliged to pursue liberty in the name of the children who have shed blood for it.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible harvest.

sig94 said...

Capt. - I can't either. It is almost a curse for one of your children to die before you.

I think of the family from "Saving Pvt Ryan." The real family was from Towawanda (near Buffalo) NY. They lost two sons and thought a third was also dead. He survived the war in a Japanese POW camp.

What is so sad is that most American communities were once exactly like Clovis.

No more.

sig94 said...

Zio - but it is a righteous harvest. The cost is in preparing the ground for the harvest of freedom.

sig94 said...

Nickie - and also for future generations who will mock their sacrifice. Such is the current nature of our countrymen.