December 6, 2010

Prayin' For The End of Time !

If you piss off this guy!

"They call me Mister Loaf!"

Poor old Julian Assange. Opinions are mixed on the latest WikiLeaks revelations, but one thing is certain. If the Swiss don't nab the execrable Assange on something laughably known as "Swiss Sex Charges", and The Phillipines refuses entry for him, someone out to settle scores for past or current damage suffered by the leaks will sniff him out. No sovereign state will protect him, as the Brits did for Salman Rushdie. So beware, Julian, of Meat Loaf.

I, along with Phil Rizutto, forgave Meat Loaf long ago for wallowing in paradise by dashboard lights, doing anything for love except "that", and wailing that a 66.6% committment isn't that bad. But he'll really rise in my estimation if he cuts off Assanges toes!


sig94 said...

That was an amusing interview. I am a wee bit puzzled about his statement that a lie is the quickest way to the truth. Does that mean that Mr. Loaf wants to do something with Assange's toes other than croutonize them?

WoFat said...

Why stop with toes? I've got more faith in Meatloaf than that.

Rhod said...

Sig, my guess is, he WILL do anything for love, and carmelized toe is his offering to some chippy or middle-aged dancer from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

WoFat, sorry to hear about Danno. Faith in Meatloaf? Now that! is! a! great! product name!

Anonymous said...

Product name? Religions have been based on less.

Meat loaf. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to picture M. Loaf singing "2 out of 3 ain't bad" to Assange as he picked which little piggy went to market?

Viva Meat Loaf!!