February 21, 2011

Blood For Resources

I'm cheating a bit this morning - I posted these photos of Gadaffi being feted by the internationalistas last September.

This post isn't intended to condone or excuse the  questionable dealings with Libya (I'm with  Kampfner on this  one); it's intended to highlight the hypocrisy of other nations pointing the finger. Who remembers this record US/Saudi arms deal?  To paraphrase Cameron: They're all in it together.

US/UN 'condemn' UK
US accuses UK
Kampfner article: UK always happy to oblige

The EU

Calling England


Hogdayafternoon said...

Gotta love that Arab (its an order) - yeah, the one who machine-gunned a former colleague of mine to death outside his London mission.

Goodnight Vienna said...

After all these years we'll never know the truth of Yvonne Fletcher's murder. Gadaffi will burn in hell for that and other crimes - along with all the other tyrants currently looking for somewhere cosy to shelter in Sth America.

banned said...

Oh well, if we hadn't sold them the tear gas someone else would have.