March 10, 2011

In Need Of Care & Protection

Can anyone recall the last time an MP needed £2m spent on one-off security arrangements to prevent him being kidnapped by his own constituents?

The LibDems' Spring Conference begins tomorrow at Sheffield City Hall and promises to be something worth watching for a change.

Officials in Whitehall have told the Mail that internet ‘chatter’ was picked up last week that militant students were plotting to infiltrate the cordon and seize Mr Clegg.
In a way I feel sorry for these idealistic youngsters with visions of a bright, utopian future but they should have questioned more deeply.  There's a good reason the LibDems have never been voted for in large numbers and there's a reason why they promise the earth pre-election.  The first is because some people actually take the time to read their crappy, illiberal manifestos and the second is because they think they'll never  have to account for themselves.

Well, the LibDems' day of reckoning has arrived.

The Party is also in the red since donations dried up - soon the state will be coming to the taxpayer with the begging bowl again, asking for political parties to be publicly-funded. If it ever goes ahead it will be interesting to see how they decide what share of that taxpayer-funding goes to the BNP.

Clegg's 'ring of steel' - giving a whole new meaning to care in the community.

Here's a reminder of where the LibDems won seats in the 2010 GE.  It was an insult to the British electorate, and particularly the English, to invite these 3rd party losers into a coalition government.

Calling England


Nickie Goomba said...

They'll never be able to kidnap Clegg unless he he wears a name tag. The man blends too easily into the background.

Anonymous said...

Kids kinapping clegg would be the would make everyone stop spending for a few minutes.

Wetzy said...

The BNP would get a kick in the nuts.

Zio Rico said...

This entire government is an insult to the British electorate. In fact, the British electorate is an insult to the entire country.

Slamcakes said...

At least third parties have a chance overseas, but then again, they are headed by a bunch of loonies anyway.

God help us if the Tea Party ever gains traction