March 8, 2011

Lawful Rebellion Spreads in Gt. Britain

These are the scenes in Birkenhead County Court yesterday when Freemen attempted the arrest of the judge for contempt of court and treason.

Roger Hayes, leader of the British Constitution Group, has been charged by Wirral Council with non-payment of Council Tax.

His stand has won support from all over the country and demonstrators travelled miles to protest outside the court building.
As the case got under way yesterday, Mr Hayes repeatedly demanded district judge Michael Peake say if he was "on oath of office".
In response Judge Peake insisted it was a "properly constituted court", and said if Mr Hayes had a complaint, he could take up later.
But Mr Hayes persisted and when he did not get an answer he was satisfied with, said: "Sir, I am obliged to arrest you for contempt of court and treason."
Two supporters of Mr Hayes then attempted to arrest the judge but were stopped by police. More demonstrators then burst into Court One of Birkenhead county court.
The judge was quickly ushered out of the court by officials, saying as he left "this case is adjourned, I’m afraid" as more people pressed in, many filming with mobile phones. One demonstrator even took the judge’s seat, while police officers called for reinforcements.
One man was handcuffed which inflamed the protesters as dozens more pressed into the court room and shouts of "take the handcuffs off" resounded around the room.
Police attempted to take the handcuffed man outside but were blocked by people who demanded he be released – and an hour-long stand-off then followed as more police arrived.

More scenes: Outside; Inside

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Nickie Goomba said...

I know nothing about this group, but they certainly have captured my heart!

Zio Rico said...

This is how it begins. The voices of the people must be heard no matter how coarse and spirited they may me,

They Say/We Say said...

In a Houston, Tx. court room, a man before the Judge, said that the Constitution states- the Judge cut him off, and said don't bring that thing in MY COURT ROOM!
The word got out and the State Legislature brought up a law that reinforced that the Court Rooms were THE PEOPLES!
Yes these Black Robes do seem to think that they OWN the Courts. Have to be brought down a notch or two every once in a while.

sig94 said...

I read this with great interest today. Seems like the Brits may be brewing their own Tea Party. Welcome aboard laddies!