January 30, 2012

More Moderate Muslim Terrorism

Satan is the Father of Lies.

A "moderate" Muslim woman who was described by her neighbors as a "nice and caring" person has been arrested for her participation in a plot to behead three witnesses who put another terrorist in jail for 45 years.
Raleigh, N.C. — Dozens of people from the Triangle's Islamic community plan a show of support in Wilmington on Friday when two people have a federal court hearing on charges that they tried to hire someone to kill witnesses in a terrorism trial.

Federal authorities arrested Shkumbin Sherifi and Nevine Aly Elshiekh over the weekend and charged them with conspiracy to commit murder.

Sherifi's brother, Hysen Sherifi, was sentenced two weeks ago to 45 years in prison on terrorism charges. He was among seven area men arrested in 2009 after authorities said they plotted attacks on targets overseas, stockpiled weapons and conducted paramilitary training.

Hysen Sherifi met with his brother and Elshiekh several times in recent weeks at the New Hanover County jail, where he is incarcerated, and arranged to have three witnesses who testified during his trial last fall killed, according to a federal court document.

He demanded that the witnesses be beheaded and that pictures be taken of their corpses to prove they had been killed, the court document states. He also wanted a fellow inmate who he thought had tricked him out of some money to be killed.

Authorities said Shkumbin Sherifi and Elshiekh gave someone $5,000 to kill one person.
Things get even more interesting. At IOTW, an anonymous source contacted the blog owner and gave some more back ground on this allegedly moderate Muslim women who thinks nothing of lopping off the heads of people who help put terrorists behind bars.
Here’s the interesting part… I KNOW THIS WOMAN! She used to work at the charter school that my wife and her libtard friends started for “special needs” kids.

She was married to an Egyptian man who couldn’t get into the US. The whole time I knew her she was involved in this campaign to get him a visa and get him into the US! I don’t know whatever happened with that. But I knew at the time something was off. I kept telling my wife and friends that something was not right about that story, that there had to be a reason he could not get in the US. He wasn’t even allowed a visit, that I know of. But this woman, Nadine, I always called her, was as “moderate” as any other Liberal in America. She wore regular clothes. She went out with the girls. She taught handicap kids, psychologically screwed up kids with gay parents, and troubled ghetto kids who had been kicked out of every other Durham Public School and were expeditiously labeled “disabled”.

Anyway, if there was ever an example of a “moderate” Muslim or “American” Muslim, that would exemplify how “normal” and peaceful they can be, she was it.
I gather that to a Muslim being  "moderate" is just another way of  practicing taqiyya, the Islamic tradition of lies and deceit. From Islam Watch:
The word "Taqiyya" literally means: "Concealing, precaution, guarding.” It is employed in disguising one's beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions or strategies. In practical terms it is manifested as dissimulation, lying, deceiving, vexing and confounding with the intention of deflecting attention, foiling or pre-emptive blocking. It is currently employed in fending off and neutralising any criticism of Islam or Muslims.
Or beheading the occasional hapless witness.

Tell me again, just why do we let these people into the country?


Gorges Smythe said...

People today never figure it out until it's THEIR fanny being blown across the street.

Andy said...

Funny, When one encounters a Catholic who doesn't practice his faith, they call him "Lapsed". When one encounters a Baptist who bellies up to the Bar, they call him "Backslidden". "Moderate", Really?

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The only good Muzloon is a deported Muzloon.

buddeshepherd said...

I just got a garage sale reel to reel and four boxes of tapes from the 1960's. I had forgotten so much.
Listen 120 minutes to Joan Baez and Peter Paul and the fat lady singing background music in your shop and You will understand that liberalism is a mental disorder.
Basically the country was ruined by those idiots sitting around in coffee shops listening to pseudo-marxism and hugging each other. Good grief, you can't even dance to that crap. And you can year the guys in the audience saying "oh yeah."
Ok, my comments seem off point but they are NOT...

Anonymous said...


Long ago I saw most of them on stage - PP&M, Tom Rush, Ian and Sylvia, Kingston Trio, etc.

Their job was to make the obsessions of the Beats acceptable to the urban upper class, which is why it's unlistenable today. PP&M were to folk ballads what the Cowsills were to rock.

PP&M are the worst, three earnest millionaire pseuds wailing about crop failures and miner's lung.

Bo Donaldson and the Haywoods were more authentic

sig94 said...

Gorges - in this age of entitlements, people expect to maintain their level of comfort while someone else does all the heavy lifting.

sig94 said...

Andy - good point, we do not speak of moderation with respect to our faith because in its most virulent expression it still poses no physical threat to anyone. Whattaya going to do Pastor, make us sit through another 45 minute sermon? But with some crazed imam the consequences are not so mild.

sig94 said...

Odie - deportation is like gassing the house once the cockroaches have taken over. They should never have been allowed here in the first place.

sig94 said...

buddes - that does makes sense. Those idiots and their ideological spawn are some of the ones who got us into this mess to begin with. And let's not forget the unions.

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