February 1, 2012

Obviously This Is Bush's Fault

Riots after a football match in Egypt's Port Said have left 73 people dead and at least 1000 injured, in what a deputy minister called the biggest disaster in the nation's football history.

Violence at football matches across north Africa has increased significantly since political unrest began sweeping the region more than a year ago, and one player described Wednesday's riot as "a war, not football".

Angry politicians and sports officials decried a lack of security at the match between Port Said team Al-Masry and Al-Ahly, one of Egypt's most successful clubs, and blamed the nation's leaders for allowing - or even causing - the tragedy.

Wednesday's trouble flared at the end of a match when Al-Masry beat Al-Ahly 3-1.
All hell broke lose when Al-Ahly fans displayed banners insulting Port Said. Most of the injuries and deaths occurred when fans fell from the stands or were trampled.

Reports are chaotic but there may now be as many as one hundred dead with perhaps over a thousand injured. The rioting spread out from the stadium and into Port Said; sections of the stadium were in flames.

The Prophet's soccer fans reacting to perceived insult in their typical fashion, nothing to see here folks...
"We have heard they are preventing ambulances [from entering]", a Sky News reporter in Cairo said, noting Egyptian football fans were "known for their fanaticism".

"[But] why this has happened no one can explain or understand."

'This is not football. This is a war'
And the baby Mohammed smiles.


Kid said...

Why can we not just drop leaflets all over the ME, and let them do each other in.

Sending our best there is kinda stupid at this point.

sig94 said...

Kid - at least stop sending them money. Egypt gets a billion $ a year from us.

Kid said...

I will make it so.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I would be glad to sponsor more soccer (we have real football) games in the Middle East in the future.

sig94 said...

KId - Thanks, I knew I could count on ya.

sig94 said...

Odie - Excellent idea. Let's arm every fan before the games. In 18 months we can take over the Near East without firing a shot.