February 19, 2012

Let's Abort Iran's Nuclear Baby

As President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks on, Irani nuclear gynocologists strap a pregnant breeder reactor into the stirrups to check the progress of her birth pangs.

And as Iran prints the birth announcements (several are addressed to Tel Aviv) the world holds it's breath.

But our own Secretary of State is far too busy considering liposuction on her thighs in order to fit into the snug little chair of the World Bank. In contrast, the British Foreign Secretary is paying attention and is none too pleased with this development; in fact, he is alarmed as we all should be:
Iran’s scientists may soon be able to present their country’s obdurate and ruthless leaders with an invulnerable means of constructing a nuclear arsenal. As William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, warns in his interview with this newspaper today, any such decision on the part of the regime would trigger a “new Cold War in the Middle East without, necessarily, all the safety mechanisms”.

[...]As Mr Hague makes clear, the window to avoid this outcome is closing. Our Government has sensibly followed a twin-track approach, offering to negotiate with Iran while imposing tighter sanctions. But this policy is being outpaced by events: hardly any economic measures are left in the locker; meanwhile, Iran is steadily stockpiling more low-enriched uranium. As yet, this material is processed only to the level needed to run nuclear power stations or a civilian research reactor. But it could be further enriched to weapons-grade if the regime chose.
I say that since the liberals in this administration are so fond of partial birth abortions, lets give them something to cheer about. Let's wait until the little Atomic Ayatollah draws its first breath and then slam a pair of massive JDAM's into the back of its skull.


Silverfiddle said...

I heard she had a stuxnet virus...

sig94 said...

Silver - that was nothing but a nasty rumor spread by the Jooos to bring shame and dishonor to this innocent virgin reactor.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Iran is trying to stay ahead of our 2012 election.