February 22, 2012

Nukes For Elections

Will Georgia Peaches Glow In The Dark?

It was very surprising to have Georgia allow Obama on their 2012 ballot despite his no show at the courthouse. But like in so many other cases, you have to follow the money. And $8.3 billion is a lot of money to follow.
On February 3, 2012, a state administrative law judge Michael Malihi inexplicably ruled in favor of the defendant, Obama, in an unprecedented hearing on a sitting U.S. president’s eligibility to be on Georgia’s 2012 election ballot.

In so doing, Malihi reversed his own prior declaration that he would issue a default ruling in favor of the plaintiffs because neither the defendant nor his attorney (Michael Jablonski) even appeared at the hearing.

In an interview with Rev. James David Manning, private investigator Susan Daniels noted that within a week after the hearing, the state of Georgia received approval for two nuclear-power plants from the Obama administration. What a coincidence!
These are the first nuclear plants to receive federally guaranteed loans since 1978. And the head of the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission opposed the project as the proposed reactor designs do not take into consideration design flaws revealed through the earthquake-induced flooding at the Fukushima facility.

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h/t Fellowship of the Minds


They Say/We Say said...

Threats, and money bribes----what a coincidence.
Just shows to go you that everything is rigged.
Tonight Ron Paul told how the cow ate the cabbage; "if you want to go to war preemptively (offense), go to the People and the Congress for a declaration of war".
That did not register, and he said, if I can't get you to obey the Constitution for a reason-then I'll use the economic reason...
The Candidates and audience did not want to hear (as Ron Paul quoted several times) the Law of The Land.
Now Georgia is refusing to follow the Law of The Land.
Just goes to show you everything is rigged!

They Say/We Say said...
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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Chicago, Georgia ?

The Underground Pewster said...

Someone just pointed out an alternative conspiracy theory to me and that is that the Nukes are a punishment for the judge's decision.

sig94 said...

TSWS - as we have moved away from Scripture as the motivator for moral conduct, there is nothing left to act as a governor on our inner passions. Obviously the Governor of Georgia doesn't care, he got $8 billion for keeping in line. These administrative judges are all appointed and he was just protecting his nicely apportioned rice bowl.

sig94 said...

I guess there's a little Chicago in all of us. Some control it better than others.

sig94 said...

UG Pewster - *pshaw* on the nukes; instead, just think how much fun it would be to play with $8.3 billion of other peoples' money.