February 24, 2012

The Struma

Until today, I had never heard of the SS Struma and the nearly 800 Jewish refugees who were killed aboard this vessel. It was seventy years ago today, 24 FEB 1942, when a soviet submarine torpedoed the Struma, killing all but one person aboard her.

The Russian Shchuka (Щука) class submarine SC-213, responsible for the sinking of SS STRUMA, with 768 passengers and crew killed.
From the Jerusalem Post:
This atrocity was the coldblooded handiwork of Great Britain (committed while it combated the Germans but remarkably without compassion for their Jewish victims), supposedly neutral Turkey (whose so-called nonalignment didn’t extend to outcast Jewish refugees), by the Arabs (who were openly and unreservedly Nazism’s avid collaborators and who pressured London into denying endangered Jews asylum in the Jewish homeland) and, finally, by the Russians (who targeted the immobilized sardine can that carried Jews to whom nobody would allow a toehold on terra firma).

The entire world seemed united in signaling Jews how utterly unwanted they were anywhere.
The Struma was an ancient, decrepit barge with a cobbed together engine that fled the  Rumanian port of Constana with its human cargo on 8 DEC 1941. On 12 DEC 1941 the Struma finally reached Istanbul, Turkey. Once there, the refugees anticipated that the Britsh would allow them to continue on to what would later become Israel. But they would need assistance as the Struma's engine had failed and the refugees were out of food and water. Permission to proceed and assistance were both denied. This condition persisted for over two months while the Jews languished in the harbor. Living conditions aboard the Struma became hellish.
The British didn’t bother to answer ensuing emotional Jewish Agency entreaties on January 30 and February 10. Then they acquiesced to the entry of four visa-holders, who only at this point were permitted to disembark. More news of the dreadful conditions on the Struma now came out.

The new British line was that the Struma’s refugees were suspect Nazi agents because they came from enemy territory. The assertion that the Germans’ most hideously persecuted victims were their tormenters’ spies was labeled “Satanic” in embryonic Israel.
Scores of Jews died from disease and malnutrition before the Turkish government stormed the ship on 23 FEB 1942, savagely beat the refugees, cut the anchors and towed it out into the Black Sea where they abandoned it. The next day the Russians sank it.

Go here to read the full, grotesque story. And never question why Israel relies upon itself for defense.

The Soviet Submarine SC-213 was sunk on October 14, 1942, when it hit a Romanian mine in the Black Sea. The wreck was found in 2008, but it took 2 years to identify her. Obviously all hands were lost. Pity.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

That's why I love the Jews. That take a licking and keep on ticking. God bless God's People!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I too had not heard of this before and am pleased and saddened at the same time and for the same reason;

That more hear of this, as truth and knowledge of it is power and powerful.

Only when we as humans learn of past horrors and the truth about them can we learn to never, ever see them committed again.

Thank you for pealing the blindfold off yet a little more.

God Bless.

sig94 said...

Odie - so true. No other people has suffered for thoussands of years at the hands of so many nations/cultures --- and they are still here. The Babylonians, Assyrians, Romans, Czars, Nazis *mheh* all gone. Everyone who has risen against God's people - *pfft* - gone.

sig94 said...

Chris - the pikers who complain of discrimination today wouldn't last a week in the flaming cauldrons of hate that the Jews have survived. This is Satanic, and our nation's hands are not entirely clean in this matter either. FDR - burning in Hell - has some answerin' to do on Judgement Day for his complicity in anti-semitic matters also. Not regarding the Struma perhaps, but he favored quotas limiting Jews to certain professions and admissions to college in the US.

About 190,000 visa applications filed by Jews wishing to escape NAzi Germany were ignored by the Roosevelt administration. It is not unimaginable that these people were murdered by the Nazis.

Although the US government states it "rescued" about 200,000 Jews by allowing them to emigrate to America, it was not nearly enough. FDR knew what the Nazis were doing, just as he knew what the Japanese were planning.

Subvet said...

This reminds me of the story regarding the MS St. Louis. I'm also currently reading "IBM And The Holoccaust" by Edwin Black. That particular writer always extensively references his allegations & accusations, so they're very difficult to refute. I very highly recommend that particular book.

Tales such as these are proof of why the Jews trust no one.

sig94 said...

Subvet - but they certainly honor those who have proven themselves worthy of trust. Obama needn't worry worry about such recognition.