February 26, 2012

Live Like A Billionaire

The SuperYacht "Yogi"

The Yogi. Built by Turkish shipbuilders, this 200' luxury super yacht is owned by french billionaire Stephane Courbit. It sleeps 12 and has some of the most luxurious accommodations for a ship of it's size. It won the "Most Innovative Yacht of the Year of 2011" during the Cannes International Boat Show.

And now you too can Live Like A Billionaire for only $700G a week - that's the cost of leasing this vessel for seven days and seven nights of "champagne wishes and caviar dreams."

But then again.... ahhhhhhh, no you can't.

As of 17 FEB 12 the booking agents for the Yogi are no longer accepting reservations.

Inquiries should be directed to the Greek Navy who assisted the crew of the Yogi in extracting themselves from "technical difficulties" encountered in heavy seas off the coast of Greece.

Speaking for myself, I would look for some kind of insurance scam. As the Euro circles the drain, this could very well be used to cover investments that also went belly up in places other than the Aegean Sea.

The ship had just left a repair facility two days prior to sinking. Obviously someone forgot to tighten the drain plug.

According to sources:
Mehmet Karabeyoglu, Director of Proteksan Turquoise, commented on the incident, "What I find surprising is that [from] the first mayday call to the boat sinking was nearly seven hours. They had power as you can see lights on. What we can see is that she survived seven hours without turning over. So this is enough reason for us to believe she could have been saved — although we are not blaming anyone. There was a Force 8 so the weather made things difficult, but she did not sink due to the weather."
Courbit made hundreds of millions in euros from the French entertainment industry . And some debts are being called in.
This is a "hard blow" for St├ęphane Courbit, says Paris Match, who recalls that "young wolf business" must find € 143 million that billionaire Liliane Bettencourt had invested last year in his group and that it promised to repay.

St├ęphane Courbit made his fortune in the early 2000s by selling his television production company Endemol group. He is now active in the audiovisual sectors, the Paris sports, online gaming and distribution of electricity, said the weekly
h/t No Parasan


WoFat said...


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

This definitely smells of insurance fraud.

sig94 said...

WoFat - heh, that's one heck of an Oops! this $450 million ship wasn't even a year old.

sig94 said...

Chris - We'll see what the Greeks and insurance companies dig up on this. Also, if the ship sank, can any one who can salavge it lay claim to it?

That could mean that Courbit may collect the full insured value of the craft.

JihadGene said...

Either it was a North Korean sub that got it or an Italian Carnival Cruise Line skipper!

sig94 said...

Gene - you're reading my mind! Or my email, not sure which one...

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Oops ... can't anyone keep a ship afloat over there?

sig94 said...

Odie - they're already starting to call it the Mediterranean Triangle.

Subvet said...

Back in the time when I first entered our sub force, there was a popular story making the rounds about a boat that had been sold to the Turks who subsequently sank the sucker when someone forgot to shut a hatch to the topside area.

Wonder it any of the surviving crew may have had a grandchild crewing this yacht?

sig94 said...

Subvet - didja ever wonder if there is a Charlie Foxtrot gene in some people's DNA?

Kid said...

I'm with JihadGene on this one.

Though there is a rumor Sean Penn leased the sucker that week, so it could very well be a drain plug issue.

sig94 said...

Kifd - LOL!
Admr. Penn at your service sir!