March 2, 2012

Dean Rush Limbaugh

"Manipulative, dumb, and on your back with your legs in the air is no way to go through law school." 
Rush Limbaugh, Dean - EIB School of Conservative Arts.

Sandra "Bluto" Fluke testified before an unofficial House hearing led by House Minority Witch Nancy Pelosi about the three year cost of screwing at the Georgetown law school.

Espousing her alleged right to levy a "slut tax" on the American taxpayer to support the sexual proclivities of college co-eds, Ms. Fluke stated that it costs about $1,000 per year for her to purchase contraceptives, French Ticklers,  clit flickers, butt plugs, industrial strength douches, Black Pearl orgasm beads, Hot Monkey Love lubricant and Silver Bullet vibrator wands.

Sandy "Bluto" Fluke
Pelosi arranged for Fluke to testify after she was excluded from an official congressional hearing on the contraceptive mandate in the nation’s health-care law. Republicans who ran the hearing said Fluke’s name was submitted too late (Democrats disagree). None of the women who testified at the congressional hearing spoke in favor of the mandate.

At Pelosi’s hearing, Fluke said her fellow students at Georgetown, a Jesuit university, pay as much as $1,000 a year for birth control because campus health plans do not include coverage of contraceptives for women.

“What does that make her?” Limbaugh said on his show Wednesday night. “It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute.”
On the uptick, it will probably triple the number of law school applications by males.

Compare Bluto's pleas that her desire for "no consequence sex" should be supported by taxpayers with the story of a young woman at a Catholic liberal arts school; she is suing the school because her roommate's incessant sexual encounters made her depressed.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

What has happened to self reliance? Not only does she need our help, but she also wants the world to know what a slut she is. BUCK UP GIRL! GROW UP!

sig94 said...

Odie - Does she even wonder what will her parents think? All that $$$ spent for seven years of college and all she can think about is her woo woo!

WoFat said...

We aren't told what type of "birth control" this lass uses, that costs 1K per year. Pill, condom, track shoes?

Anonymous said...

What a slut...M

sig94 said...

WoFat - I think she pays someone else to have sex for her.

They Say/We Say said...

Obama the Pimp. He's building his stable.
Hope it ain't your daughter. And Change her thought process; if it not to late.

Kid said...

Sandy Fluke is a slut.

And a stupid one at that. Guys won't pay for condoms or BC pills these days?

Does she buy dinner too?

MightyMom said...

Stories like this make me glad the wife has legacy privleges for Baylor University, a Southern Baptist institute that enforces their honor code.

For example; if Suzie Slutface gets caught out slapping bellies with a young stud, she'd immediately expelled and a letter sent to "Mom & Dad" explaining just what their little darling got busted for.

As a further indicator of how hard nosed the school administration is, there has never been a coed pose for Playboy magazine. Hugh Hefner & Co. have tried for DECADES and it ain't happened yet. They don't play at Baylor, anyone going there better plan on learning and not partying.

Too bad the same can't be said for many other colleges & universities.

Subvet said...

Yoo-hoo, that last comment signed by "Mighty Mom" was actually submitted by yours truly. I was unaware of still being signed in under the wife's account.

Kid said...

And politicians calling for Rush or Santorum to apologize for what Rush said???

After everything the vampire dems have said as well as THEIR Libtard media machine.

Good Lord!

And as far as 'demanding a Judge resign' because of a 'racist' email... How about Rangle resign for tax evasion, or Timmy Geither for tax evasion, or the rest of the oblammy administration for terminal Stupidity. Or oblammy himself for stealing and laundering trillions of dollars out to friends.

sig94 said...

M ConOp - apparently the term "slut" has been redefined by the media. The fact that this young attractive woman wants every taxpayer in the US to pay for her "slap tickle hide the pickle" games escapes Ms. Pelosi.

sig94 said...

TSWS - The media and the schools have already done this. What I would like to see is Mooshel's face if her older daughter gets popped and preggers.

And the thing is, I sincerely hope that it does not happen to the Obamas.

It is a shame for a family to go through that even if they do not recognize it as shame. Unwed mothers are the single most cause of poverty in our land. But most black leaders (race shills) will not address this. They just want more money and blame whitey.

sig94 said...

Kid - the list goes on and on. Thing is, we've said some of the same things about the Clintoons and nothing has changed, only the scope of the indignities, the complicity of the media and the stupidity of the American people.

sig94 said...

Subvet - Gee, and I got so excited that MightyMom left a comment...

Re: Baylor, we used to play them (football) back in the 60's. Even back then, Syracuse University had the policy of in loco parentis where the University viewed itself as your Ma and Pa while you were there. Students had to behave themselves or face disciplinary action. When I was a freshman the SU Chancellor was William P. Tolley who used a walking cane to (1) help him walk, and (2) swat hippies. God help the guy who got caught in a woman's dormitory. By time I graduated that had all changed - and none for the better.

The Underground Pewster said...

She is an unmarried woman looking for love (ie slut) at the wrong University. Georgetown does not have to finance premarital sex or adultery if it does not want to.

sig94 said...

Pewster - I think she wants the federal gubmint (us) to pay, not the university. Or, she just doesn't care who pays as long as she's not the one to pony up a buck-fifty for a Trojan with the raspberry lubricant and extra-bumpy pleasure ridges.

jennifer said...

Fluke testified during an unofficial Democratic committee hearing about how a friend had been unable to pay for the birth control needed to shrink ovarian cysts and help preserve her fertility.

In other words, it wasn't about sex, but about medication. By politicizing birth control you have forgotten it has legitimate medical uses. I have no problem with money I pay into a health insurance fund going to blood pressure or cholesterol medicine for Rush-- I don't think of it as him being paid to eat greasy food and not exercise. And you know, with birth control pills you have to take them every day, whether you have sex or not.

It's also pretty ironic that you refer to her as "Bluto" while defending someone who is overweight and basically sits on his butt all day complaining, to say nothing of his proclivity for using viagra (for some non-sexual reason I'm sure) between marriages.

Stay classy conservatives.

sig94 said...

Jennifer - This whole ball of wax was a set up. Fluke specifically went to Georgetown because birth control was not covered. By her own words she is a birth control advocate and her testimony is less than worthless. She applied to Georgetown knowing that this Catholic university would not include birth control in its health insurance policies. She did this in order to cause trouble within the institution.

In other words, she is lying through her ass. My wife works for medical billing, that alleged woman's doctor can prescribe drugs that WOULD be covered by her insurance because it would be an anti-cyst medication and not birth control. Plus, I doubt that the woman Fluke refers to even exists. You want to accept her story at face value, go right ahead; just don't take me for a dewy-eyed sap that swallows every yarn an activist throws at me.

The abortion activists used the same tactic back in the late sixties and early seventies when they claimed that 5,000 to 10,000 women a year died from illegal abortions. The number of illegal abortion deaths reported by the CDC never exceeded 35 to 40 per year. I'm old enough to remember decades of lies, falsehoods and absolute crap that the leftists use in order to advance their agenda, perhaps you're not.

You may want to read this:

jennifer said...

I'm sure you think her testimony is less than worthless no matter what she says, because she is a liberal and a woman. What about the men Darrel Issa had testify, aren't they essentially activists for their own causes? Should I discredit their testimony simply because they are opposed to birth control? Maybe I should discredit all their testimony because they are men, and will never have to deal with getting pregnant.

The fact is: Sandra Fluke is not getting paid to have sex, and Rush spent 3 days repeatedly saying that over and over in various ways (to say nothing of his demand that she post videos of her supposed trysts)-- is that honorable or not? You can point to liberal lies all you want, but Rush has built a career on lying.

If I pay into a health care system shouldn't I be able to get the services I want and need? Whether the employer is paying half is moot-- if they are opposed on some moral ground to a particular service then they should consider that part as coming from my half of the cost. I understand these men are opposed to birth control, but that doesn't mean they get to deny people that want it, any more than they are opposed to some other religion means they can have it banned.

sig94 said...

"If I pay into a health care system shouldn't I be able to get the services I want and need?"


The thing is, you're not the only one paying into the system. What Fluke wants is that we all will be forced to. That is what gets my goat. She used a contrived (I believe) set of circumstances to make a political point.

If you can find a provider that will provide the BC services you desire, well, God bless you and for for it.

My wife was on birth control. She's past that age now but it was covered as part of our prescription coverage. Our provider did that. The University of Georgetown does not - or maybe it does - I have heard conflicting stories on that also. If you don't like a particular service then shop around for one that you do like, but don't stamp your feet and throw a hissy fit in front of Congress critters when you don't and then expect everyone to treat you with respect.

I see you did not provide any proof that the men who testified in front of that committee were activists. But that apparently is what "you people" do... you make undocumented accusations and then ignore any contrary information because, well, you want something so bad that it must automatically become a "right" and everyone else has to pay for this suddenly discovered right. I've heard this same tired argument time and time again Jennie. It didn't hold any water forty years ago and it certainly doesn't now. Having sex is not a medical necessity.

You. Do. Not. Have. To. Have. Sex.

It ain't like breathing. And if it is, well, then yeah - you're a slut.

Fluke got spanked and rightfully so. IMHO Limbaugh was under no obligation to apologize.

jennifer said...

"The thing is, you're not the only one paying into the system. What Fluke wants is that we all will be forced to. "


Grow up, you already pay for a ton of things you don't like with your taxes, we all do. This isn't about "paying for things you don't approve of", it's about trying to stop birth control because you are afraid someone somewhere might be enjoying themselves and thus offending your strict definition of "what God wants."

sig94 said...

Jennie - Holy crap. You are either nuts or smokin' crack. Get yer head out of yer ass sweetie. I don't give a flying fig what you do to yourself, I just don't want to pay for it.

You can use broken beer bottles, Quik-Crete or Gorilla Glue for birth control, I could care less. I already stated that my wife and I used birth control and we have no problem with it. You're all done sweetie.


sig94 said...

Everybody, say goombye to Jennie.

sig94 said...

Anonymous - I am so sick of the same undocumented talking points being bandied back and forth by liberal idiots like you.

Goom bye.