August 15, 2012

Vote Me A River

From OpinPundit:
A non-partisan group (Houston-based True the Vote) has found 160 different counties coast-to-coast who's registered voters actually outnumber all eligible voters- and can somebody please tell me how a county (in Illinois, what a shock) could have over 500% of their eligibles registered?

And it's not just one isolated incident... it's 160: yet that's merely what was uncovered when somebody actually rolled-up their sleeves and had a real look at the problem we all know is there.

We also know who are operating under the assumption that voter fraud helps them politically, thus Team Obama's selective enforcement of immigration laws and refusal to assist states wishing to rectify their voter registration lists, all while in complete and utter (public) denial voter fraud even exists (they won't admit it and support it- so they refuse to acknowledge it and support it).
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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It's the Chicago way.

The Serpentdove Said said...

By the way, any word on who Harry Reid's biological father is?

sig94 said...

Odie - it's the way of every corrupt government in the country. Chicago is just a bit more brazen, more "in yo face" about it.

sig94 said...

SerpentDove - spiritually it's the Father of All Lies. Biologically, well, whoever he is and wherever he is, he must be wishing that he kept it in his pants that night.

JMD said...

I wonder if these figures are including all the deceased persons, animals and illegals? I am willing to guess.

sig94 said...

JMD - These are only those counties where the registered voters exceed all eligible voters. There must be many more where the political operatives were more careful not to exceed that number.