September 13, 2012

Carpet Bombing - Nature's Way Of Saying, "Knock It Off!"

It seems that whenever America is depicted as rising from her slumber in righteous indignation and slapping the snot out of someone who is murdering her citizens, the liberals crawl out en-masse from under their dark, comfortable rocks to hurl chilling accusations of, well, what carpet bombing accomplishes - the killing of innocents.

Let me give a clue to the clueless, that is the purpose of killing the enemy. That is the exact purpose and the only purpose; to drive them to surrender and force them to forgo any further attempts to harm you. That is what we did in WWII. We killed so-called innocent civilians by the hundreds of thousands; though not entirely innocent as many of them were contributing to the war effort by producing food, munitions, vehicles, fuel, clothing, etc.

The Allies could not allow these supplies to be produced for the Axis war machine without some form of impedance. Ergo, strategic bombing,  AKA Carpet Bombing.

We didn't do that by proclamation or negotiation. We did it by slaughtering them. It worked rather well for the Romans and things really haven't changed that much since then.

In September of 1939 there were 25 German cities with populations from several hundred thousand up to a half million or more. By May, 1945, eighteen of those cities were mostly rubble. Almost sixty per cent of Dresden was reduced to smoking ruin and ashes in three days of incendiary bombing, killing 25,000. It is estimated that at least 305,000 German civilians were killed through Allied bombing attacks. Hell, we even bombed a Polish city held by the Germans, Swinoujscie, on March 12, 1945, killing perhaps as many as 23,000 Poles in a single day!

The US Army Air Corps bombed Tokyo (100,000 dead) and then nuked two other cities killing over a quarter million people. Total Japanese civilian deaths were estimated between 500,000 and 1,000,000.  But that pales in comparison as to what they did to other countries. The Japanese Imperial Army killed 400,000 Korean civilians, about 1.5 million in French Indochina, almost a million in the Philippines, another quarter million in Burma and they are still counting the dead in China - perhaps as many as 10 to 15 million.  Over 300,000 in one city alone (Nanking).

And of course there were those nice, friendly Germans who loved to sing and dance, drink great beer, make love to their wives and take long, loving walks with their children. And let's not forget those crafty Japanese with their love of gardening and intricate tea ceremonies and those beautiful paper whatever the hell it is that they scrunch up to look like a constipated giraffe.

Don't entertain any false notions, both the friendly Germans and kindly-good-to-their-parents Japanese pulled the triggers that sent 850,000 American, British and Australian GI's to their Creator.

When push comes to shove, the Muslims will act exactly the same way they're been acting for 1,400 years. But unlike the Germans, they get a bonus; they get virgins for cutting your throat and buggering your corpse. Filthy savages.


Doom said...

Well, there is that. Finally, I don't have anything to add. Save that you do have a way with words.

"Carpet bombing - nature's way of saying "Knock it off!"

I might have to do that up special and frame it, somewhere around "peace - through superior firepower"

And... "War isn't about who is right or wrong... but who is left."


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Impeach Obama and Clinton and turn the middle east into glass.

sig94 said...

Doom - and rightly so. We read about the losers but we have to deal with the winners.

sig94 said...

Odie - The cowardly GOP couldn't pull the trigger on Clinton and I doubt they'll do it to Obama.Life is sooo unfair.

Gerboh Flugheim said...

Yes, Al Quaeda justifies the killing of innocents too, so you have more in common with them than you like to admit. From what I have read here you regard Muslims as evil and nothing more. That is exactly how Al Quaeda views Christians. You two make a perfect couple.

Bombing a child is good, but abortion is bad. Duly noted. Perhaps you would be OK with legalizing abortion just for Muslims alone, perhaps even requiring it.

banned said...

Finally, at last; just this year the heros of RAF Bomber Command (WW2) are getting their own memorial in Whitehall having been sidelined for 60 years (paid for by public donations).

sig94 said...

banned - yes, I heard. A shame it took so long. The public has forgotten how many lives were lost by the RAF bomber squadrons. The losses were quite horrendous.

sig94 said...

Gerboh - as General Robert E' Lee said, "It is well that war is so terrible — lest we should grow too fond of it."

Are you just finding out now that war is a terrible thing? That children are killed in war? We did not initiate this conflict. Mohammad declared war on all infidels in the latter half of the 7th century and they have been stewing in it ever since.

But aside from that, war, violence and murder are constant components of human conduct since recorded history first set stylus to clay. And it will not end until God deems it is time.

Men will only change their conduct via two avenues: the application of reason and the application of force. I have seen this in person; most criminals succumb to authority through force or the threat of force. Try to reason with someone who is set on stealing your wallet. For the most part they'll bash your brains in. But be my guest.

Kid said...

I'm down wit dis.

Derfel Cadarn said...

This is the 21st century, We do not carpet bomb people we use ERWs(neutron bomb) and save the buildings,real estate is worth money.