September 13, 2012

The Obama Way

 The Middle East and North Africa have erupted in savagery and murder. Representatives of our nation are killed in Libya and our embassies are being threatened in Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia - even Germany!

And what do the Obama's do?
Barak continues begging for money and Michelle labels obesity as the greatest threat to national security.

What do Obama's appointed officals do?
Our Ambassador to Egypt refuses to allow Marines guarding the embassy in Cairo embassy to carry live ammo in their rifles.

The greatest threat to our national security is Democrats.

My wife and I had a number of conversations with the Army recruiter our daughter was talking to before she enlisted.  He stated that recruiters can only access thirty per cent of the eligible US population. In his words, this is due to lousy morals, criminal histories and poor physical conditioning.


WoFat said...

Ambassador is a dolt.

sig94 said...

WoFat - aye, a dangerous dolt. Of course she disarmed them whilst she was gone. If she ever gets the nerve to return to her post I'll bet you she'll have the Marines dripping with weapons.

tee said...

"poor physical conditioning."

Oh, you mean like obesity?

sig94 said...

tee - and while our embassies are burning, our ambassadors are being ass-raped and Marines are forbidden to carry big boy ammunition our 1st Wookie says that obesity is our biggest problem?

What kind of hellish dumbed down fool are you?

You possess weapons grade stupidity.

There is a Singularity of The Stupid hanging from a shit-plated chain around your neck.