September 11, 2012

Infamy, Thy Name Is Mohammed

Words still fail me.

Instead of a crackpot religion where all of its adherents  are cowering in caves awaiting death from American bombers, we have a President that bows before their princes.


Doom said...

Time might heal some wounds but it doesn't change the facts or heal completely. I keep remembering the Alamo. Now, we didn't conquer Mexico, but we did win in the end. I hope we find the resolve to... fix these things in our nation in much the same way again. Haven't seen it yet, at least from our leaders.

What we do there must be replicated here until there is no uncertainty about some things. At all. Not a thought of it.

Gerboh Flugheim said...

So what do you propose, specifically? All out war on an entire religion? Isn't that exactly what Bin Laden wanted? It would certainly rile up millions of previously peaceful Muslims and create whole armies of suicide bombers, including Caucasian ones.

WoFat said...

They are not really nice people. Those who want to "make friends" with them live in a world not real.

Doom said...

What do you mean by stipulating what I propose? I want to live in a peaceful, safe, enjoyable world. Unfortunately an entire religion has decided not to let that be the case. The ones who aren't building or using bombs, planes, boats, are supporting, hiding, funding the ones who do.

If this nation and Europe surrender to genocide, that is not something I can do much about. Vote? hehehe Simply, though, I will not submit. What I can do about it is limited. I can call for my government to protect me without stripping me of my rights, comment on blogs, and such. Defending me without ripping off my rights is one of the only real legitimate reasons FOR a government. So, yes, I expect them to wage and win the war that was brought to my home, both domestically and abroad.

That "religion" doesn't work under this nation, or any of the even moderately free nations' civil or social norms. That willfulness must be broken or those who cling to it must leave or be forced to leave. Believe they are peaceful at your peril. Go live in one of their communities, even here in the states. Then we will discuss the matter more. Unless, of course, you already DO live there... for obvious reasons.

sig94 said...

Gerboh - Islam declared war on the US eleven years ago. Nothing has changed. To 10,000 imams we are still the Great Satan. Muslims dance in the streets and give their children sweets when Americans are murdered.

What don't you get about this? It is far, far better to have these savages beneath your feet rather than at your throat.

Would I destroy them rather than have them kill more Americans? In a heartbeat bub.

Gerboh Flugheim said...

"Islam" did not declare war on the USA, a handful of angry sociopaths declared war on the USA. What don't I get? I don't get the logic in calling for carpet bombing, except to satisfy childish urges. Mr. wofat above says "They are not really nice people." Well, who is "they"? I have a Muslim neighbor who is very friendly, and is not happy about this violence. Perhaps I should kill him lest he murder someone, this seems to be your logic: "they are all guilty." Doesn't this make you no better than those who call for the murder of innocent Americans?

I see from your profile you work in a public prosecutors office. Would your employer be pleased to know you are in favor of genocide against Muslims?

Gerboh Flugheim said...

Perhaps you should carpet bomb these people.

sig94 said...

Gerboh - show me another religion that takes such joy in the mutilation and murder of non-believers. Show me another religion whose holy scripts admonish the faithful, "good" Muslims to slaughter unbelievers? To treat women like chattel, to break the arms of children who are disobedient.

The Koran is chock full of these hellish sanctions against unbelievers and savage treatment even of their own. Perhaps you don't know any "good" Muslims and you certainly have no idea of the 1400 years of war and pillaging that Muslims have inflicted on the rest of the world.

War? Of course, the Koran says they are at war with unbelievers and those who are obedient to the Prophet. Try reading the Koran for a change. I have one right in my bookstand. Know what you are talking about for a change.