July 7, 2013

How To Git'er Done!

Cool down the house. Check

Water the lawn. Check.

Wash the dog. Check.,

Clean the windows. Check.

Flush the gutters. Check.

Rinse off the driveway. Check.

Drown the gopher. Check.

And we're done....

..H/T to Feral Irishman


WoFat said...

I didn't see "Close the windows" on your list.

Doom said...

See, now, that is how I think. It is also how I get in trouble with womenfolk. Which, at this time, is just baked into the cake. While I have received praise for my cooking, at times, most of my women don't think I could bake. Little do they know. *grins*

Nate said...

'Remove those pesky loose shingles...'