July 12, 2013

Stone This Jerk

Rocks! More Rocks!

Twenty years is not enough. They should have this man pounding rocks for the rest of his life and then beat him to death with the rocks.
Ex- Army Corps official sentenced in contracting scheme of ‘historic proportions’

He was a career federal bureaucrat with a dark side, inflating government contracts by millions of dollars and then shaking down contractors for the proceeds. The money funded a lavish and sordid lifestyle — a real estate empire in Northern Virginia, leased BMWs, Neiman Marcus shopping sprees, and mistresses in three states and the Philippines.

On Thursday, a federal judge sentenced Kerry F. Khan, the mastermind of a contracting scam of “historic proportions,” to nearly two decades behind bars. It was even more than prosecutors had requested because of the “staggering” scope of the scheme. U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan said he also wanted to deter other would-be criminals in the billion-dollar world of federal contracting.

“You made history for the wrong reasons,” Sullivan told Khan, 55, a former Army Corps of Engineers program manager and the ringleader of a network of corrupt public officials and government contractors who stole more than $30 million through inflated billings and fake invoices.

U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. has called it the largest bribery and bid-rigging scheme in federal contracting history.

The case revealed deep flaws in the oversight of federal contracts and prompted a review at the Army Corps of Engineers. Officials added new layers of review in the Army Corps’ contracting office, with senior managers and peer panels now responsible for scrutinizing all bids and solicitations before contractors are selected.

More here and here. This stuff will make you sick.


Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, they ought to throw away the key.

Kid said...

I've seen a general on youtube make a good case for why 50% of the DOD budget is fraud.
The government admits 50% of medicare is. IBM offered obama free computers and software to stop it. Nada.

My views of the federal government at least is they spend 99.9% of their time stealing money, and 0.01% opening the door and shouting absurd lies to their 'supporters' to keep the votes coming in.

The worst of Rome when it was falling. When do we start electing horses to the senate. Oh, we already have. Nevermind.

Kid said...

PS - And everything else is money laundering and theft. Foreign Aid, Grants for this and that, etc etc etc. All money laundering.

We just bought 35 pair of flip flops to donate to the people of Haiti. One of the gals at work is headed down there next week on a church mission.

How much money to billy boy and pals collect "For Haiti' ?? And they could buy a lifetime supply of fucking flip flops at wholesale? Please.
It's all BS.