July 7, 2013

John Kerry - America's Hero

SecState John Kerry rushes to address Egyptian crisis. 
Here he is disembarking at the harbor in Alexandria.
Be Brave For All Of Us John!

John Kerry's heroic actions in the face of adversary and danger never cease to amaze me.

From Front Page:
John Kerry likes boats. He likes windsurfing. He doesn’t seem to be much good at foreign policy. Obama probably should have made a job for him like Secretary of Windsurfing. Or Czar of Yachting. Considering all the useless czars already out there, it wouldn’t have even stood out that much.

But Kerry seems determined to finish his career by doing the same useless things he did as senator while calling himself Secretary of State. One of those things is spending a lot of time on his boat. The other is lying about it.

Under withering fire, John Kerry rescues inebriated wounded shipmates, winning his first Bronze Star and Purple Heart.
While Egypt melted down, Kerry took some time off to be with his beloved Isabel. A yacht that has gotten him in trouble before. Kerry’s spokeswoman, an Obama vet, however denied that Kerry was in any shape or form swiftboating it in.

John Kerry furiously repels Communist infiltrators in Viet Nam, 
winning another Bronze Star and Purple Heart. 

Way to go John!


WoFat said...

John Kerry?

LL said...

He's had a great scam going for him ever since he graduated from Yale. Why stop now?

Doom said...

Hey, hey, hey, another JFK... what, exactly, did you expect?

LL said...

He's a hero. Just ask him. Look at all the medals he won for serving three actual weeks on a Swift Boat in the Delta...and the men that served with him worship him as a God...

I'm sure that he was working out some difficult foreign policy matters in his head while he was sailing the Virginia capes.

Nate said...

Kerry's face in that first pic speaks volumes: 'Oh, crap, there's a photographer.'