July 13, 2013

Ode To Twinkies

They're baa-ack!

Twinkies are once again showing up on snack shelves. Walmart is already selling them.

Story here.

And with my sincere apologies to Joyce Kilmer, I offer the following:

Ode To Twinkies

I thought that I would never see
A Twinkie that is union-free.

A cream-filled, spongy vanilla cake
That BCTGMIU members no longer make.

A Twinkie freed from union bosses
Whose pockets are filled despite job losses.

A Twinkie that was sorely missed
Brought back to life by Capitalists.

 Twinkies will enhance our fiscal rate
Because jobs are created in Right-To-Work States.

Blogs are made by fools like me
But only Hostess can make a Twinkie.


Supi said...

Love your poem.

Gorges Smythe said...


Subvet said...

My eyes are starting to water, must be the allergies again.

Doom said...

You have to twist it, sometimes, but it does work. Well, and the reader needs the "ear to hear". I wasn't into their stuff before, might have to buy from time to time just to support non-union. I am quite sure someone would appreciate them.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Who be da foo dat make dis blog?

WoFat said...

A poet for the ages.

James Buchanan said...

Didn't taste the same did it?
They not only screwed their workers, but got you buy their shit to. If you have a friend in canada, get them to buy the old twinkie for you. You will notice the twinkie here tastes more like the dreamie, then the twinkie, remember that too keep it tasting like old style twinkie, to keep it fresh, they had to change the ingredients, and so loong taste..