August 15, 2013

Evolution v. God

The authof of this video interviewed professors, experts and students at UCLA. He asked them to prove that Darwinian evolution (i.e., macro-evolution) is true. The results are interesting, they had nothing...

It’s really simple.

Our inalienable rights are predicated on the existence of a Creator. No Creator, no inalienable rights. No inalienable rights, goom bye America. Welcome to the gulag. This is why statists - commies and socialists - fight Christianity at every turn. The State must be supreme or else those pesky citizens start demanding things - like freedom. Stupid citizens, subjects don't need freedom.

“Rights? Rights? I got to give you no steeking rights!”
~ Barack Obama


Doom said...

It is, as you suggest, a faith war. Everyone knows where the one leads, after a century of efforts to make it work, costing hundreds of millions of lives, not to war but to government excesses... "Breaking a few eggs", as they put it.

Then they try to play that they are unattached to the world, despite that being all their paradigm allows to exist, or taking the high ground which they deny even exists, and on and on.

I have to think the only reason these sorts ever gain power is because people have become hopeless enough to want it to end but can't find it in them to do so. Instead, they want a government who will end them. Which would be fine, save for those of us who don't wish to be murdered. The wages of sin, and all, but Christ took care of those for "us". They have nothing but the price, if they could only just pay it down on their own.

sig94 said...

Doom - without Christianity we are indeed nothing but eggs that require breaking.

The value of human life under socialism is relative. The power elites live relatively well while everyone else starves.