August 11, 2013

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I told we were in trouble, didn't I? England as you and I knew it is vanishing rapidly under the weight of  immigration.  Despite the fact that white English folk are a minority in many of our large Cities, (HERE and HERE), combined with growing evidence of white-flight into rural areas (LINK), our government still insists on spending our taxes, not on transport infrastructure, not on Defence and not on our State education system. Instead it diverts funds to so-called 'charities' and ethnic minority interest groups.

I'm wondering how long it will be before the English themselves become a 'minority interest group'. That sounds like hyperbole but it isn't; we're a small country and we can't absorb such a high rate of immigration over such a short period. In 2010 alone England experienced more immigration than between 1066 and 1950 (LINK) - that's colonisation and genocide in anyone's book.  No wonder the country is silently imploding as the majority sit back, watch the show and have a nice cup of tea.


Gorges Smythe said...

The same is happening here, only a tad slower.

GV Susan said...

Don't be so sure, Gorges. We're a much smaller country so demographic changes tend to show up more quickly. The English feel it too - we're English born and bred so it makes it more noticeable when you walk down an English High Street but don't hear an English voice.

The re-branding seems to have worked: England doesn't exist, long live UKplc.