September 12, 2013

Breanna, Her Name Is Breanna

The FB page reporting John King's accident and the road to recovery posted this account of the accident and the woman who saved his life.

The following is the basic story of the day of the accident that she shared with the family yesterday evening: Breanna and her husband have a roadside fruit stand which they only recently moved to that particular street. She was at the stand on Saturday and actually realized that the accident was about to happen just before it did. (Someone ran a red light.)

That car hit another. Jon tried to brake, but he skidded all the way and hit one of the cars head first. When she reached Jonathan, Breanna could find no pulse, and he blood was coming from his mouth.

Breanna has never had CPR training, but she had someone dial 911 so that they could talk her through it. At one point people involved in the accident were arguing loudly, and this young lady became a Mighty Warrior and hushed the crowd. She said it took about 5 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, so she continued CPR even though she couldn't get any response.

She said said she somehow knew that Jon is military, and her father was also military.

One more interesting note is that Breanna's husband is named Jonathan!
John's condition continues to improve. We are very thankful to God for this answer to prayer.

I know I've posted quite a bit about John, but I really like this fine young man. John and our daughter were seeing each other when she was posted at Ft. Bragg. We were in Fayetteville twice last year and got to know him well. He also drove her home once and visited us for a few days. The wife and I were hoping that ... well, you know.

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