September 9, 2013

Helpful Software Offends Brain Dead Liberals

A smart phone app that was once called Ghetto Tracker has been renamed "Good Part of Town" after a storm of criticism from liberal morons. I think it's a handy dandy app and I intend to download it.
In less than 24 hours, a new app tactfully titled Ghetto Tracker--a service seeking to help people identify safe areas in unfamiliar cities--has already garnered enough backlash to prompt an immediate name change to Good Part of Town.

However, the PR move may not do much to alter the public's reception of the app, which critics are slamming as a racist, classist app for helping the rich to avoid the poor.

The app functions by allowing locals to rate the safety of different parts of a given area. According to The Week, the original launch of the page featured a white family of four smiling alongside the app's promise to show users "which parts of town are safe and which ones are ghetto, or unsafe."

In addition to the name change, all mention of the word "ghetto" has been removed from the site. The site now features an ethnically diverse family on its homepage.
As a retired cop I often wear a gun; even so, there are portions of the city where I used to work that I avoid. I am not rich and I am not avoiding the poor. I am avoiding amoral, undisciplined monsters who shoot at people for no reason at all and endanger the lives of innocent bystanders with their ghetto disdain for innocent bystanders as they spray bullets in all directions.

I have traveled to unfamiliar cities where I have ended up in ghetto areas unwittingly. I got the hell out as quickly as possible, not because I am intimidated by people who live below the poverty level, but because so many of their children are vicious animals. I worked in areas like this for over a dozen years. I know what goes on and I have no misconceptions about ghetto crime.
"It’s pretty detrimental to society when we reinforce the idea that poor or crime-heavy areas are places to be categorically avoided or shamed," David Holmes wrote on PandoDaily. "As if to assume that every person who lives in an area with comparatively high crime or poverty is a criminal, or that these areas are devoid of culture or positivity."
Idiot. I'm not worried about society, society tends to take care of itself. But it's pretty detrimental to your health to have some racist felon beat you senseless for no reason at all. Ask the poor man who was attacked by a black in NYC because he was white. Oops, you can't, he is now brain dead.


Doom said...

I will definitely be pulling that app down as well.

Personally, the idiot that wrote about negativity and stereotyping? I would force that fool into living in one of those 'rich cultural icons' for a month. If he is black, or whatever, I think I could come up with areas that are alien to him of similar type. A leg tracker to make sure. It would be an area he doesn't know and isn't known in. If that didn't work he would be forced there permanently.

Fixing broken systems, one man at a time, forced to walk his talk is all. I do, he should.

sig94 said...

Doom - speaking truth to power again.

Kid said...

This is the kind of nonsense (spelled with a capitol F) that causes young women to find themselves hitch hiking in the back country of India, or any of at least half of the world populated by vermin and get gang raped then wonder 'wha happen'.

Yea, hit Chicago around Midway airport and tell me people there are only being misrepsented.


Mind boggling.

On the plus side, maybe it does remove some of the brain dead who only serve to screw things up for everyone else. No doubt they'd otherwise find themselves into Congress yapping about how Guam will capsize if more people move there.

sig94 said...

Kid - OMG! Guam collapsed??

Mamahen said...

Have nothing against poor folk...heck I am poor...but I too have gotten in the "wrong part" of strange cities n towns and have been more than glad to find my way out of them..Sounds like an app I would use.

Subvet said...

If they market this thing to help blacks avoid areas like Howard Beach ( in Queens, NY., would it still be racist and hateful?

Probably not but then we know that while all are equal some are more equal than others.