September 8, 2013

We Don't Know Anything! - Update

Questions, questions, questions...

So many questions about our destiny.

Jobs, healthcare, public safety, the economy, foreign relations, rumors and threats of war - it's enough to drive us all into bunkers before we go bonkers. So much ambiguity!

And now the laws of physics are toast as well.

Einstein's General  Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics fall apart in the presense of a black hole.

In a nutshell:
  • The Theory of Relativity works beautifully with respect to planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies.
  • Quantum Theory works wondrously with atoms, electrons and quarks.

Black holes blow it all up.

With respect to Relativity: The singularity in a  black hole (as predicted by Einstein's theory) predicts infinite gravity in an infinitely small point - no space at all.  As one physicist points out  - "Time stops [...] space makes no sense. It means the collapse of everything we know about the physical universe."

With respect to Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Gravity: The results are even worse when trying to create a model of Quantum Gravity. Trying to combine Relativity and Quantum Mechanics you get an infinite sequence of infinities. They are totally incompatible. The equations make no sense and theoretical physicists are stumped. As one physicists states, "There are no bigger questions than this." 

 It means we don't understand anything.

It is God rubbing our noses in His Creation.

It is spelled out in the following video clip.

That's just black holes, we also found out that we  know less than we thought about how the galaxies in the universe are flying apart, going faster and faster.

From the WashPost:
Giant digital camera probes cosmic ‘dark energy,’ the universe’s deepest mystery

With the whir of a giant digital camera, the biggest mystery in the universe is about to become a bit less mysterious.

Fifteen years ago, the world of science was rocked by the discovery that, contrary to our notions of gravity, distant galaxies appeared to be flying apart at an ever-accelerating rate. The observation implied that space itself was stretching apart faster and faster. It was akin to watching a dropped ball reverse course, speed upward and disappear into the sky.

The discovery made many cosmologists — the scientists who probe the very nature of nature itself — acutely uncomfortable. For either our understanding of gravity is cockeyed, or some mysterious repulsive force — quickly and glibly dubbed “dark energy” — permeates the universe.

Now, after years of planning and construction, four new projects at telescopes in Chile, Hawaii and the South Pole are getting a handle on what, exactly, is doing this unseemly pushing.

Leading the way is the world’s most powerful digital camera, constructed at Fermilab, the Energy Department facility in Illinois. The $50 million Dark Energy Camera took a decade to plan and build, and it sports a resolution of 570 megapixels — about a hundredfold more pixels than a smartphone camera. Technicians installed it atop a telescope in Chile last year, and after initial jitters — the camera was so heavy it made the telescope jiggle — the camera has been “tested, tweaked and fine-tuned,” said Joshua Frieman, the Fermilab scientist leading the project, which has enlisted 120 scientists from 23 countries.

On Aug. 31, the big camera began snapping its way across a huge swath of the southern sky.


Doom said...

While they are stuck on not knowing, at least they are admitting it. And, while they go against the notion, the fact remains that we can't know. They lack faith so must keep trying.

As to black holes? From what I have seen, read, and tinkered with? They are the seeds of time-space. One was used to make what we know, all of it. The others? Then again, how many sperm and egg in humans goes unused? Same same. Potential doesn't always equate to reality, sometimes less than other times.

My guess is some physicists, scientists, whatever, finally see God in all that. But many still reject what they can't know.

sig94 said...

Doom - supposedly all galaxies are "anchored" with super massive black holes. How they function is another matter, same for the "dark matter" that comprises most of the universe.

Interesting, fascinating to read - but will anyone truly understand it?

Kid said...

I wouldn't say Einstein was wrong as he addressed the universe sans black holes. People are now working on a theory of everything. I've always read that the laws of physics are to be thrown away when passing the event horizon of a black hole.
Personally, I'd say black holes are gateways to other universes.

Carl Sagan's theory that everything is infinite in both directions. Or more accurately in all directions is one I subscribe to. Solar systems as atoms, Atoms as solar systems in a simplistic visual.

Kid said...

Religion without science is blind,
Science without religion is lame.

- Einstein. Hope I got it right

Kid said...

The dimension of time is the one that really freaks me out. The dude in your vid spends a bit of time looking into that as well.

Kid said...

Sig, God rubbing our noses into it also works for me.

What I'm saying is that once material is processed by a black hole, it no longer exists in our universe, and therefore defies description. infinity * infinity, whatever. It's gone. call it what you want.

sig94 said...

Kid - IMHO black holes are the most amazing things in the universe- other than the Lord.

Infinite gravity is the same as infinite mass residing in ... nothing.

Perhaps they are God's signature, His watermark throughout His Creation.


Doom said...

Remember, Sig, we are His children. While not fully developed yet... He made us to be His heirs and, fellows. Which is why I have great problems with those who believe animals/earth first in politics and policy. I must assume they have lost hope, even hate themselves, and the rest of us... a great sin only slightly below sinning against the Holy Spirit, if that isn't what it is.

Oh, but I think you, Kid, and myself could probably spend days talking about black holes, man, and God.