October 13, 2013

Who Is He?

Using modern techniques, some Civil War photos are being imbued with color.  This picture was taken in 1862.

Guess the identity of the man reclining with the dog.

Give up?

Still trying?

Okay, here's a hint.

His last name is Custer.

More photos here.


Opus #6 said...

Wow, cool! It's like a time machine.

Doom said...

Believe or else, I recognized him right off. I had been a fan of his... early work. As far as his last stand? Meh, it happens. From what I can tell, he did it as well as he could have, once it got to that point.

He is so judged for that. But in many ways he shouldn't be. Quite often, and how he gained command in that day and time, risk taking paid off, and well. It's not as if, then or now, to the coward go the spoils. Further, he did more for conquering the West, and the Indians, a requirement for winning the West, by losing than he would have by winning. So, historically, he did his job quite well. At great sacrifice. Like many of our other sacrificial heroic soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen of enlisted or officer ranks.

You'll have to excuse me for having no sympathy with those who, even with modern barbarians, choose to barter and allow slaughter by them, then force civility. Only one paradigm can exist at a time. Or slaughter isn't just asked for, it is guaranteed. Further, only through blood can civility be gained, expanded, and kept.

Most don't know, but because he had married one of the Lakota women, though divorced at the time, they didn't desecrate his corpse (much). After battles, if they won, it was common practice to send the women in to torture and murder, then dismember, enemies. Good example of why they had to be defeated, by the way.

The Conservative Lady said...

That's amazing.

WoFat said...

Custer was a bit like MacArthur (S?).

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I knew that.