October 17, 2013

Next: Mexican Oreo Cartels

Be prepared.
That's all we need, another faux science theory that prompts the government to become more intrusive than it already is. This is what happens when college sophomores are allowed to pretend to be scientists and run amok in the goody section. Thank God they didn't get into the vanilla creme soda and Viagra sections.
Researchers Discover Oreo Cookies Are Just as Addicting as Cocaine

That white stuff sandwiched in between two chocolate disks may not be cocaine, but it could be just as addicting. Using lab rats, researchers from Connecticut College have demonstrated that Oreo cookies can affect the brain in the same way as cocaine or morphine.

[...]To test the addictiveness of America's favorite cookie, Honohan and her research team placed rice cakes and Oreos on opposite ends of a maze and measured to see how much time the rats would spend on either side. Then they compared the results of a similar test, except they replaced the Oreos and rice cakes with injections of morphine or cocaine on one side and saline on the other. It turns out that the rats conditioned with cookies spent as much time on the Oreo side of the maze as the rats conditioned with drugs.

Idiots. The academic world is full of idiots.
All they proved was that rats would rather get hit in the ass with nose candy rather than just getting hit in the ass. Some experiment. We see that every day in the ghetto.


Doom said...

Yeah, I saw a post on this elsewhere. I love the author, but sometimes won't post because she is a dame, and dames are weird about things they don't know they are weird about. Argh! I can post here, usually. :p

Yeah, look, if Oreos, one of my favorites by the way, was addictive, anywhere near as addictive as cocaine, I would be in serious trouble. Every three to six months I buy a pack. And though I mean for it to last longer, a week is about as long as my best stretch.

Actually, here, a woman might come in handy, one who guards the cookie jar, as some do. *smack* "Don't make Doom cry, me mamma!" *laughs* Women are mean sometimes!

This is a cross between activist supposed science and activist journalism. You would think, after centuries of the one... then again even the NY Times is on the brink of bankruptcy... so maybe people are actually figuring it out. The rest of the papers? Most, I would guess, are running on unsustainable debt. Now THAT'S addictive! Hmm, and the education bubble of death is coming. There is no value to most education, and most education, k - post grad, is government funded, the upper levels depending on research dollars which are being squandered, are obviously fraudulent and politically one sided, and offer no actual value even as practice for serious study of serious topics. Bleh.

Kid said...

I never really gave a damn about oreo's. Or smores. Or bacon. Or apples.

God Help Me!

Subvet said...

What. A. Crock.

sig94 said...

Doom - grant funded research is the life blood of many universities, and like the medieval lords who sponsored the arts and sciences centuries ago, if they don't like your work, you don't get the cash.

Actually it's more like prostitution. Fifty dollars for it in your car or standing up in the alley. The gubmint's got the fever and the universities got the cowbells.

sig94 said...

Kid - I like Oreos, but oatmeal raisin is what I got a Johnson for.

sig94 said...

Actually, I was never into sweets and baked goods all that much until I stopped smoking. And once my taste buds recovered I discovered that my wife is a really great cook. Fifty pounds later I'm still discovering...

sig94 said...

Subvet - mmmmmmm - a crock full of oreos and oatmeal raisin cookies?