January 23, 2014

Tanks On The Move To Kiev & Military Stag Parties

Apparently the  Ukrainian military has decided to squash civilian protests in Kiev. There are videos being posted of military equipment being transported and positioned in the dead of night.

Russian text to the above video:
22 января 2014 года в 17.00 в Чернигове на ул. Борисенко со станции "Чернигов - Северный", которая находится возле обл. ГАИ, грузятся танки на ж/д платформы. Погруженных танков на 17.10 пока только 3 единицы, но ж/д платформ под них - 11 шт

English translation:
22 January 2014 at 17.00 in Chernihiv on the street. Borisenko Station "Chernigov - North", which is located near the region. GAI loaded tanks on w / e platform. Submerged tanks at 17.10 while only 3 units, but w / d platforms for them - 11 pcs.

More here, and here.

Live feed of Kiev protesters here. Every now and then you may hear gunshots and, yes, they are burning tires. I imagine this site will be shut down if the tanks start rolling.

Not for nothing, but you can have a Ukrainian stag party complete with live RPG rounds and tank driving here. Try that at Fort Bragg.
Military Day - Package 1

The Programme Includes
* 3 laps tank driving per person in your group, one of the laps you will drive the tank yourself.

Ammunition Allocation
The following are the quantities offered per 2 people in the group
* RPG Rocket Launcher - 6 rockets
* Pistol / Rifles / Machine Gun - 800 rounds in total

Please note that weapons / ammunition might be substituted / altered depending on ammunition availability on the day

Extra rounds / rockets can be purchased on the day subject to how busy the military base is at the time.

* Lunch will be supplied from the field kitchen
*Transfer Kiev - Military base - Kiev
* Personal military instructor while shooting and translator assistance.
* The maximum number is 10 people partaking in any one group

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