January 22, 2014

We're #1 *groan*

 Hendrick's Chapel on the SU Quad.

Once again my alma mater receives a rather dubious distinction, the snowiest university in the country - average of 124 inches of white stuff a year. No one else is even close. And we're proud of it, we even compete for the honor..

In fact, the top three snowiest universities are all in upstate NY.

It's the Great Lakes - the cold Canadian winds blowing across all that water pick up a lot of moisture, freeze it, then dump it on us.

It's like a terrible Canadian insult; a freezing, Arctic-driven, meteorological bowel movement.

As a freshman arriving from the comparatively paltry snowfall of downstate Long Island, I just wasn't prepared to be wading knee deep in snow as I trudged to work as a breakfast cook at oh dark hundred.

I can't believe that I'm still here 46 years later.
While many are used to the cold that comes with the winter season, not all regions are ready to handle the snow. However, to some students, faculty and staff, snow is a normal part of life on campus.

Below are the top 10 snowiest colleges in the United States, ranked by the school's annual average snowfall.

The list is here.

Of course once the co-eds get used to the weather it ain't too bad.


Montz Meitzler said...


Grzegorz Laskowski said...

Radości, cierpliwości a przede wszystkim wytrwałości w rozwijaniu przyjaźni życzę nam z Królestwa Syneloi, do którego zapraszam Ciebie z Twoją rodziną i przyjaciółmi.

sig94 said...

Montz - yep. The snowiest city in the US.