January 20, 2014

New Yorkers Are Crazy

Mayor de Blasio got over 70% of the popular vote in the NYC mayoral election last year. It's like everyone lost their minds.

Now it's time for a reckoning. New Yorkers will be in for a few surprises when this wingnut and his handpicked assortment of leftists get down to business. And business won't like it either.

And what's with all his repeated legal name changes?

Bill de Blasio: the Left's Nutty Professor Transforming New York into a Giant Political Petri Dish

Bill de Blasio swept into office on a pledge to transform New York's 'tale of two cities' by ending income inequality, raising taxes on the evil 1%, doling out free or reduced-cost housing for poor and working-class residents, and establishing that all-important job-creating engine, pre-kindergarten education.

But just three weeks into his tenure as mayor of America's biggest city, the man born Warren Wilhelm in Manhattan 52 years ago has already raised hackles with his many detractors -- and even some of his staunchest supporters.
I would say here that New York deserves better .... but they don't. They elected him.
He has big plans, like requiring private companies to provide mandatory sick leave and forcing developers to build affordable housing, whether they like it or not. And his "universal" pre-K programme would be a nationwide first, taxing the rich to come up with the needed $500m.

To that end, De Blasio is taking a page from Obama, running campaign-style ads to press the policy, and blanketing the city with flyers. "For over 15 years, Albany has promised funding for these programmes - and rarely delivered," the flyers say. "It's time for a new plan."
This maniac must have a picture of Detroit pasted to his bathroom mirror, or Mayor Dinkins.
"With gridlock in Washington, cities are now the place to get things done," says Democratic strategist Mary Anne Marsh. "And there is no bigger stage than New York City. With de Blasio's overwhelming election mandate, if he can implement his proposals and keep the city running well, then that becomes the playbook every progressive will follow."

And as far as those name changes are concerned. This guy wasn't probably vetted (surprise!) by the media. I'd like to see what's going on behind all those names he had. He sounds like Obama.

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Kid said...

Yep, trouble there. And NY does deserve him if they elected him. There's an obvious over-population of losers there

Nate said...

'Names have been changed to protect the guilty.'

sig94 said...

It's not gridlock. It's a delaying action trying to stop these fools from ruining the country.