July 18, 2014

We Might Have A Terrible Tragedy President

 Hold on folks, as almost 300 people have been murdered, this may be a tragedy!

The toll thus far: 9 Britons, 23 Americans, 154 Dutch, 27 Australians, 38 Malaysians - including 15 crew, 11 people from Indonesia, four Germans, four Belgians, three from the Philippines and one Canadian.

Obama commenting on the Malaysia passenger jet terror attack by Russian separatists.
"It looks like it might be a terrible tragedy."
Listen to the clueless asshole here.

The Ukraine government allegedly has intercepted Russian transmissions:
'They shouldn't be f****** flying. There is a war going on': Moment Russian separatists 'realized they had shot down a jetliner' released by Ukrainian government

Ukraine’s security agency, the SBU, has released recordings of intercepted phone calls

Claim they prove Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a group of Russian-backed Cossack militants

Neither recording — which allegedly includes a Russian military intelligence officer — could be independently verified
Hours before the attack, this BUK launcher was photographed in the area.
I assume that there is a mobile radar director that must be used in conjunction with this unit.

In another UK Daily Mail article, the Russian BUK anti-aircraft unit believed to have shot down Flight MH17 has been quietly removed from the scene and returned to Russia. The BUK is normally armed with four missles. The unit spotted was carrying only two, fueling suspicion that it was responsible for this outrage. Based on the above phone intercepts, there is speculation that:
  1. The separatists did not have the expertise to fire these missiles and that Russian army personnel are responsible. 
  2. The Russian officers involved have already been or soon will be executed and the BUK missile launcher will be destroyed as quickly as possible. 
    Putin must be in one awful hurry to make sure his chestnuts do not get thrown into the fire, but not because of Obama.


    LL said...

    Malaysian Airlines has a mighty bad mojo.

    sig94 said...

    LL - yeah. They should change their corporate motto from, "Journeys Are Made by the People You Travel With," to perhaps:

    "Journeys Are Ended in Flaming Death by Some Crazy Sons of Bitches You Don't Know."

    Or maybe even:

    "Will We Get There or Fall Screaming From The Sky."

    LL said...

    What's wrong here? I have not heard Barack Obama complain that George W. Bush shot down the airplane and that it's all his fault.

    I think that Obama needs a vacation and some time on the links to get his head straight on this.

    Doom said...

    What's worse? At least Putin apologized. Obama doesn't have the moral or ethical strength to understand. If 300 died in surprise tornado hit, or some other act of nature or literal accident, that is a tragedy. When weapons that can kill innocents are put under the c&c of unaccountable thugs, that's not tragic, that is criminal.

    As for Putin? While he isn't sorry, he does understand. He is merely looking for the least price. He doesn't want to quit in Ukraine, definitely doesn't want to lose Crimea, but the gig might just have gone really south. He wouldn't have apologized for any other reason. It was a plea. He is just someone's puppet, just like Obama, only quite a bit more aware. Sad that in the new century, a former KGB Russian leader is vastly morally more aware than a US president. Hell can't freeze over fast enough.

    sig94 said...

    Doom - yep. Putin is still a KGB thug at heart. Obama is just a liberal university thug. As the old Chinese curse implies, we are living in interesting times.

    Kid said...

    It was always a "tragedy" for bubba clinton too. WTC 93 bombing, USS Cole. Murrah Building. All just random tragedies. Let's all just wring our hands now and let evil flourish.