July 17, 2014

In The News

Holder Got Back
Congressman believes the DoJ Investigation of ex-CIA Director Gen. Patraeus is just a ruse to shut him up and hide details regarding the events surrounding the Benghazi debacle.
After sending a letter and questioning Attorney General Eric Holder twice and former FBI Director Robert Mueller once about the probe, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told Holder in a new letter this week, "I find the be increasingly perplexing and suspicious. I urge the Department to move forward with this investigation in an expeditious and prudent manner."

Chaffetz also told Gretchen Carlson on Fox News’ “The Real Story” Wednesday that the open investigation may have a chilling effect on the probe by the new Benghazi Select Committee.
So Holder is just chillin' 'cause he got back, Obama's back.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The ER
San Francisco has it's priorities; the legitimation of ramming your johnson into a feces-laden poop tube time after time after time is exactly what our nation's healthcare system needs.
In 1983, as the AIDS epidemic was raging, gays and bisexual men were banned from donating blood by the FDA. Now San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener has introduced a resolution to end the ban, and the city board is expected to approve it.

Weiner told KTVU in San Francisco that the city has to make a statement to the FDA that times and technology are changing. He charged, “It’s discriminatory, it has no basis in public health. All donated blood is heavily tested, and it’s depriving our country of a lot of blood that could be donated to help save peoples’ lives.”
It just takes one pervert working in the blood lab to falsify reports and there's another epidemic of AIDS thank you very much. After all, it's all about raising awareness, no?

There Will Be No Pigs In Space
Where are we going? Mars! When will we get there? Kill the Jews!!
Having scaled the heights of Earth with the world's tallest tower, the United Arab Emirates is now aiming for the stars with an ambitions trip to Mars.

The UAE said that its unmanned probe will take nine months to travel more than 37 million miles to Mars, making the emirates one of only nine countries with space programs to try and explore the red planet.

A UAE Cabinet statement said the project aims to advance human knowledge and develop Emirati human capital and economy, but did not list specific scientific goals for the probe.
Their five-year mission: to boldly go and kill Jooos where no Jooos have been killed before.
Dah daaah daaaaah
Dah dahdahdah daaaaah

Democrats Continue GWOTU (Global War On The Unborn)
Making America safe one dead baby at a time.
Senate Democrats held a hearing today on a bill that wipes out virtually every pro-life law across the country, including state laws that came into play in Pennsylvania that held late-term abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell accountable for killing babies who were born alive and killed during a gruesome late-term abortion procedure.

S.1696 is deceptively titled the “Women’s Health Protection Act” even though it revokes protections for women and their unborn children. Instead, the bill would be far-reaching in how it would topple virtually every pro-life law passed in states across the country.
Pro-choice democrats are hailing this law as a panacea that would not only address woman's health issues but also stimulate the economy. It would allow live birth fetuses to be used as salad toppings, traffic cones, pull chain ornaments, floor wax applicators and for sharpening chain saws.

These people have no souls.


WoFat said...

Logic is not known to these people.

Kid said...

I believe the real story at benghazi is so disgusting it may never come out. Meaning for example even people who would ordinarily want it to come out to expose the dems, obama and the beast may think it would hurt America more than it would hurt these evil POS's

We need some people in positions with some balls who are willing to damage purge, and rebuild if this is what the situation is.
Otherwise, we need some Americans in positions to lead America.