July 15, 2014

A Public Service Announcement

I avoid reading liberal rags and blogs because I fear that Teh Stoopid dripping from their literary offerings are contagious and life threatening. But this article from Rolling Stone is gut wrenchingly stupid. It is a Singularity of Stupid.

The article entitled, "The Five Most Dangerous Guns" does not list the make, model or caliber of the firearms most used in the commission of crime. No indeed; it lists five general categories which include every type of gun imaginable, with the exception of fully automatic weapons and field artillery. So the five most dangerous guns are all guns. What a concept.

And the author can't even list the general categories correctly. She includes derringers as a firearms category; this is wrong. A derringer is a pistol as the barrel and firing chamber are integral.

Just like a warning sign posted to alert the danger of  a nearby minefield, this piece truly deserves special notice. As an intellectual safety measure, I will not reproduce any of the article here.

So here's a little ditty for the author, Kristen Gwynne, who brings to mind every blonde joke ever written:

I'm too stupid for my shirt
Too stupid for my skirt
So stupid it hurts.

Stultus Quoque


Katy Anders said...

Another informative piece of journalism by Rolling Stone.

Can I have "Things That Go Bang" for $800, Alex?

sig94 said...

Katy - As a law enforcement professional, I would truly be interested in knowing the kinds of firearms mostly used to kill or injure people. I used to track seized weapons and where they were found and, through the ATF, who purchased them originally.

But this article is nothing but a hit piece; it offers nothing. More people are killed each year with blunt instruments (hammers, bats, etc.) than are killed with rifles or shotguns.

LL said...

More people are killed by drunk drivers or falling down stairs.

LL said...

If you don't live in a ghetto, you have a better chance of being killed by lightning strike.

sig94 said...

LL - well said.