August 9, 2014

Obama Is Channeling Clinton

From the WashPost:
While U.S. airstrikes and drops of supplies may prevent the terrorist forces from massacring the Yazidi sect or toppling the pro-Western regime in Kurdistan, Mr. Obama lacks a plausible plan for addressing the larger threat posed by the Islamic State. In recent weeks, senior U.S. officials have described the danger in hair-curling terms: The Islamic State forces, which have captured large numbers of U.S.-supplied heavy weapons, threaten not only the Iraqi and Kurdish governments, but also Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. With hundreds of Western recruits, they have the ambition and capability to launch attacks against targets in Europe and the United States.
Well, I guess the Obama administration will worry about that when it happens. Or not.

For now, let's bomb an aspirin factory or two and let it go.


Fredd said...

These maniacs of ISIS remind me a lot of Charles Manson.

Yes, a stretch, but here are the similarities:

Charlie figured he could start a race war in the US by randomly killing some 'piggies', and blame it on blacks. He figured the whites would then rise up and kill blacks indiscriminately and society would fall into chaos. He and his bunch would hide out at his ranch until the shooting was all over, and then he would emerge and unite everybody, with him as king.

Yes, about as numb-nutted a plan ever concocted by a human, with as many holes in this stupid plan as a million pound chunk of Swiss cheese.

Ditto with ISIS, and their plans: they will sweep throughout the world, installing their caliphate on everybody. Everyone will fear their tactics of chopping off heads, hands, legs and eyeballs indiscriminantly and will submit to the will of Allah.

And then they will rule the world.

Nice plan, if you can pull it off.

These ISIS guys are nothing but a bunch of uneducated goat herders who have been given AK-47's and told to shoot infidels. They then capitalized on the Obama failure to retain any US forces in a fractured Iraq, and have seized a ton of US weapons from the stupid goat herders-turned-Iraq army soldiers.

It's a local mess that will fizzle once they run out of US howitzer rounds, as they couldn't possibly figure out how to manufacture even a toaster, much less an assault rifle round.

But they sure know how to make the news.

And so did Charlie.

sig94 said...

Fredd - heh - Imam al-Manson. I am thinking that the Saudis and Kuwaitis will also bring pressure to handle the ISIL. They cannot be happy with the present situation.

But then again, the Turks and Iran might like the pressure that ISIL is bringing on the Kurds.

But then again, the ISIL is Sunni while Iraq and Iran are the two predominantly Shia muslim countries. Turkey, Syria, Egypt and most of the Arabian Peninsula are predominantly Sunni.

Annnnd, there's the 12th Imam (the Madhi) that Iran is waiting to pop out of a well.

Mansonites? Yeah... and more.

Kid said...

Sig, this is what I was talking about in your last post. IF these vermin make hay throughout the ME, and IF they gain the power to * with the USA... would we rather deal with them then ? Or Now?

I think now is a better time all things considered. I know we're not going to 'save the ME' but we can put the major hurt on some major evil. ? Why else be a Christian? Or one of the non-evil people

Fredd said...


Yes, I completely agree with your point that the money guys in the Middle East are disgusted with these Three Stooges Army.

Giving everybody in the region a black eye. The money guys (secular MINO's - Muslim in Name Only) namely Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAR and a few others, they know that this ISIS bunch needs to go.

You know me, an analogy a minute: the MINO's regard these numbnut ISIS cretins much like the Mafia would regard a street gang that was shaking down their interests in Las Vegas.

There are going to be some adjustments coming from within at some point. Especially with these assholes threatening Jordan.

Fredd said...

I think I am going to take this Manson comment and stretch it into a post, I think I've hit on something here, Sig.

sig94 said...

Kid - Sure, now is the right time. A year ago wold be even better. BUt we're not going to see it any time soon.


No one has any stones in DC. Or if they do, they're hiding them away like squirrels with acorns. Maybe to show them when no one's there to cut them off.

sig94 said...

Fredd - you da man.

Kid said...

Sig, I agree. It's where we are on All Fronts with libtards in charge.