September 17, 2014

Last Of The Stuarts?

Your Crazy Aunt Alba - Queen of Scotland

From the UK Daily Express:
A YES vote in September’s referendum on independence for Scotland could reawaken centuries old claims to the Scottish crown from members of the House of Stuart.

And an 87-year-old billionaire from Spain might argue she has the strongest claim.

For the Duchess of Alba is said to be one of two main contenders from the Stuart dynasty, whose Scottish monarchs transformed the country during their time in power.

While First Minister Alex Salmond insists Queen Elizabeth II would remain as head of state after a Yes vote, others are not so sure.

Some Scots look back fondly in the history books to their Stuart kings, the first of whom was Robert II in 1371.

By the 17th century, they ruled all of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

[..]The last Stuart monarch was Queen Anne, who died childless in 1714.

The Crown passed to the House of Hanover, but the Stuart line continued abroad.
And it apparently landed right in the lap of this dame ... or Franz, the Duck of Bavaria.

If the Duchess doesn't give you the great wobbly gobbles about a Yes vote, I don't know what will.

Now ... I don't have a dog in this fight. We kicked the Brits out 230 year ago and if the Scots want to do the same, more power to them.  The Scots certainly have a centuries long laundry list of injustice and harsh manipulation to grind. England knows this full well and has promised all sorts of kiss-and-make-up goodies in the days leading up to the vote.

But then again, it is the United Kingdom and we have fought more than a few wars right alongside them; Scots, Welsh and English. There is indeed (IMHO) a unique relationship between English speaking nations and I would hate to see that 300 year Union broken with all the concomitant mess and uncertainty that would accompany the divorce.

Plus, I really dislike the strong arm tactics of the Yes crowd. Acting like thugs does not lend validity to your cause.

So my thoughts on this are simple - God bless Scotland and England.

Whatever happens on Thursday I only wish the best for these peoples.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Since when did Phil Specter become the Duchess of Alba?

sig94 said...

Capt. - heh! Didn't see that.