September 19, 2014

Scotland Votes No

Scotland Decides:

NO 2,001,926

YES 1,617,989

Story here.

Fifty-five percent of the voters were against independance. Yesterday the polls indicated that there were about 300,000 undecided voters. The initiative was defeated by almost 500,000 votes. Apparently the undecided came down firmly on the "no" side.

About 4 million Scots were registered to vote.
A little over 90% actually voted (3.6 million).


LL said...

With 90% of those eligible voting, the people's voices were heard. So there you go.

Part of the fear was that the generous welfare benefits that are paid out "on the dole" would end if Scotland left the UK. I suspect that they were right. Now they can keep them under the UK banner.

William Wallace and Robert Bruce rolled in their graves. And the checks will keep flowing out to people who don't work.

sig94 said...

LL - and it sounds as if those benefits will increase with the political goodie bag promised for the no vote.

LL said...

Yes, that's how political bribery works. It got Obama elected - the old Obama Phone with free minutes, etc. A chest full of glass beads bought Manhattan from the Indians.

Fredd said...

Aye, it's tough to beat Santa Claus.