September 15, 2014

The Unemployment Zone

This article is a pretty decent summary of the move to make unskilled people unemployable. The "living wage" concept simply drives out businesses or raises prices to where businesses can not compete. These leftist idiots honor and worship Mother Gaia but ignore Father Free Markets.
[...]The economic pressures that led to robotics replacing manufacturers of physical goods are being applied to food preparation in the name of compassion. These “strikers” are painted as victims by the media and heroes for standing up for themselves.

In reality, they are people who've made bad choices in their lives and now, as adults, work dead-end jobs that were designed for children. The person most responsible for the misery in their lives is not sitting in a boardroom anywhere; it’s the upside-down image looking back at them from their spoons.

There’s no money and no power in conveying that truth, so it isn't told. But it’s a truth that bears repeating.

None of the “strikers” are saying they’re going to “earn” anything. They’re saying they “deserve” more. They don’t. If you can be replaced by a kiosk or the honor system, you are not in position to ask for a huge raise.

The kiosks are coming, and if robots can assemble a car, they sure as hell can assemble a hamburger or a pizza.
I disagree that all these minimum wage people have made bad choices; there are plenty of economically displaced workers who suffer from under employment because of piss poor government policies and out and out thievery.  That and college students need to graduate with a degree that has a chance of landing them a job; or don't bother going to college at all.  Hold off on that degree in gender misrepresentation among medieval lute players and instead apply for an electricians' apprenticeship.


Anam Cara said...

"Hold off on that degree in gender misrepresentation among medieval lute players and instead apply for an electricians' apprenticeship."

Where is the "like" button?

Kid said...

Sig, last paragraph - Yep.

Fast food is for 15 to 18 yr old's and retirees looking for a few more dollars.
If someone 40 years old is working there, then this might be the person with bad life choices, but shit happens. They should be happy they aren't living in West Africa.

underground pewster said...

Yep the devaluation of the college degree as the cost of that degree has skyrocketed all points to the next bubble that is about to burst.