September 14, 2014

NY Giants Off to 0 - 2 Start

They coulda beat Arizona.
They shoulda beat Arizona.
But they shot themselves in the foot with penalties, fumbles and dropped passes.
And that was in the fourth quarter alone.
Cruz broke their hearts and someone please show the Giant corners and safeties that 5 yards is only fifteen feet, not fifty...
Last year the Giants went 0 and 6 before winning a game. Might be another long season, but - hey - Buffalo is 2 and zip!


WoFat said...

Picky, picky, picky.

sig94 said...

WoFat - it just rubs against my poor Irish heritage that they pay these guys millions of dollars to drop the freaking ball.

Cruz gets paid over $8 million/year - that's a cool half mill per game for the regular season.