November 6, 2014

Palace Envy?

It's big and bodacious. It's 1000 rooms and over 3 million square feet - that's over 71 acres of opulence. And it's the new palace of Turkey's King. I mean mean Turkey's President.
It is well known and accepted in international circles that President Obama’s BFF is President Recep Erdogan of Turkey.

It is also reasonably accepted that Erdogan is a Sunni Islamist and power thirsty Marxist who views his job to resurrect the ottoman empire.

Those of you who have followed our research into the psyche and ideology of Erdogan might be interested in the newly finished palace he built for himself.
I wonder if after the shellacking Obugger just suffered, will he perhaps develop a case of palace envy? After all, the Turks loved their President enough to plop down $500 mill for his new digs...

Story here.


Kid said...

Not good enough for an imbecile. obammy will want something in the billions somewhere in Hawaii.

sig94 said...

Kid - I know a spot where the lava will keep him and Mooshell nice and warm.