November 8, 2014

How Not To Start A New Job

Down in Hoboken where beer and wine flows
To carouse and cavort these new PA cops chose
To put on "beer badges" and show everyone their ass
And get fired next morning by pissed off cop brass 

9 Rookie Cops Lose Jobs Over Drunken Graduation Party
Nine rookie Port Authority cops were fired for “running wild” at a drunken graduation party — where some of them grabbed a woman’s butt, disobeyed their bosses and arrogantly flashed their badges to get out of trouble, sources said on Friday. 

Dozens of freshly minted PA Police officers flocked to Texas Arizona Bar and Grill in Hoboken after a Police Academy graduation ceremony at Dunn Sport Center in Elizabeth on Aug. 22, Port Authority police sources told The Post.

But the celebration turned into a booze-soaked mess when some of the newbie officers got drunk, hopped behind the bar and began pouring their own beers while still in uniform, the sources said.

[...]The bartender called Hoboken police, but the revelers were so out of control, they had to summon PA cops to the scene, sources said.

Even then, the rowdies ignored their supervisors and acted “drunkenly defiant,” according to a PA source..

Those hijinks wouldn't necessarily have lead to their termination. They would have to apologize, pay for damages, yada yada. But to refuse to obey a direct order from a superior - insubordination - for a rookie on probation? For that, the penalty is death.

Story here.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Isn't it nice to weed out the stupid before they get started and really have a chance to eff something up.

WoFat said...

Now they can put "Police Officer" on their resumes.