November 6, 2014

The Way We Were

The Way We Were

The Way We Are
Wednesday Matt Drudge tweeted an election results map showing “the way we are now,” a devastating reality check for those on the left who believe they are winning the ideological war
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Doom said...

Yes, but I would like to see what regions, for the various races, are up for election next term. That will give a better idea of what to expect. If it is mostly deep lib areas it might just flip back. Or close enough.

Another thought? If it is most libs or conservs, the voting impetus will be balanced on that to a degree. And we'll have to see if Zero keeps boning his party, and whether congress can do what it was sent to do or will join him in boning their party.

Just chess, to me, at this point. I'm voting for not voting. That notion frightened even Pelosi into suggesting that more should vote, even wanting republicans to get out and vote! A worried pol? Good. Don't vote. A vast majority non-vote, if things continue as they have been, will bloodlessly neuter the government. I voted for no confidence.