November 11, 2014

Why New Yorkers Are Fleeing New York

An eye-opening report by the Tax Foundation ranked U.S. counties according to property taxes as a percentage of home value[this was compiled as of 2011~sig94]. 
New York State counties took the top 15 spots on the list — Orleans was rated the highest, with median property taxes at nearly three percent of median home value between 2007 and 2009. Out of the top 25 counties, 22 were in New York and approximately one out of every three counties making the “top 100” list was located in our state.
Lookee here. I live in one of the top fifteen. Hooray for me.
The States People Are Fleeing In 2014
More people are moving out of New Jersey than are moving in. The same is true for Illinois and New York. Those three states top the “outbound” list compiled by United Van Lines, the big St. Louis-based moving company that has put together an annual survey of where Americans are moving for the last 37 years. The company analyzed a total of 125,000 moves across the 48 continental states and the District of Columbia in 2013 and came up with a picture of migration patterns across the U.S.

New York, % of people moving out compared to people moving in: 61%


LL said...

California's numbers are similar with businesses (including mine) fleeing the Golden State. The urban taxation required to keep the bloated systems in place in NY, NJ, CA, Chicago & Detroit (local taxes and union thugs) are not good for business. People can go elsewhere and make more for business while providing better lives for their families.

I thought that NY was now the "tax free zone state" based on the TV commercials that they air.

sig94 said...

NY has tried several scams to get businesses to relocate. The trouble is not that we have business taxes, we have ALL THE TAXES.

As an accountant once explained to me, every state has its own ways of collecting revenue. New York uses of all them, every and any way they can rip a bloody, screaming dollar out of your wallet.