November 14, 2014

Mixed Messages

I'm watching Syracuse play Kennesaw St. (34 - 14 at the half) and I can't believe the PSAs I see during every commercial break for a program called "Feeding America."

This truly annoying PSA preaches that one in five children in America goes to bed hungry which flies in the face of the White House pet gorilla's efforts to fight childhood obesity by introducing gulag-style starvation rations in our nation's school lunch programs.

These elitist jackasses truly think we're stupid.


Fredd said...

Their basic premise is right on the money, Sig. We, collectively, are dumber than a bag of hammers.

Look at who we put in the WHite House - twice. Look at most all commercials run on the American airwaves and cable; These 'fight hunger/obesity' guys cater to the dumbest among us.

And they're raking in millions doing it.

Yes, they think we are dumber than dirt. And, sadly, they are right.

Nate said...

I see those ads and I go full Kinison: You're standing right there next to that starving kid...GIVE HIM A SANDWICH, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!!