November 13, 2014

Empty Bench

So, how does it portend for the democrats in light of last week's elections?
Aaron Blake, writer for the Washington Post, points out that the results of last Tuesday’s election portend a much brighter future for Republicans than many had assumed. He notes that more than two-thirds of state legislatures across the nation will be controlled by the GOP, a factor that may prove as important as the 7-seat gain in the Senate and the biggest advantage in the House in the last century.

[...]The unforeseen gubernatorial victories in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Illinois were an astonishing gain for the GOP and, according to Blake, “basically assured that Democrats would have very little influence over state governments across the United States.” The Dems have an empty bench.
More here and the "empty bench" here.


LL said...

The empty bench goes well with the empty chair.

sig94 said...

LL - you betcha.