December 10, 2014

Living The Good Life ... In Mom's Basement

Someone got tired of their crap.
  • Companies making no effort to attract workers under age 35 because millennials are workplace divas
  • While corporations believe millennials are tech savy and creative they had some caveats about hiring employees under 35
  • More than half of CFOs said that millennials were disloyal to their companies 
  • 46 per cent of corporations said that millennials had a sense of entitlement
Corporations are doing nothing to attract workers under 35 because millennials have a reputation for being workplace divas.

A new survey conducted by Duke University and CFO Magazine found that millennials are thought to need more management in the workplace and are also known for leaving jobs at the drop of the hat.

Unfortunately for millennials they are making much less money than their parents did and the economy is still slowly crawling its way out of an economic recession.

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Kid said...

No question about the millenials. They're lazy, spoiled and are only interested in working the system. The hipsters among them for sure.